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What is The Pagan Grimoire?

Well, it’s an online encyclopedia and exploration of all things pagan.



Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved the forest. Something about being in the woods and amongst the trees makes me feel at home. I’m sure you’ve felt this way too, being out and about in nature, far from the buzz of the city.

For me, there was something spiritual about it too.

Perhaps that’s because, personally, I’ve never really connected with organized religion.

My parents are Lutheran and Catholic (both non-practicing) and as a kid, they brought me to church a few times. It was fine. They took me to Sunday school for a little while. But, I asked way too many questions (usually connected to why Eve wasn’t getting a fair shake). As a result, we tried studying the Bible at home where I’d ask so many questions that we’d read about two pages an hour.

My parents are patient people, but I think they were more interested in using this as a way to actually read the whole Bible instead of giving me a crash course in theology. So, after a few weeks, we stopped.

In my goth teenage years, I was introduced to many other religions and spiritual beliefs, including Wicca, Islam, Buddhism, and Judaism. I also read The Satanic Bible and the Book of Nod (which, much to my disappointment, happens to not be a religious text at all, but a fictional book meant to accompany Vampire the Masquerade).

As I grew up and traveled and my friend group expanded, I learned about more religions and spiritual beliefs. At one point, I considered converting to Judaism. But I didn’t, because while I felt more spiritually comfortable during holidays such as Passover and Rosh Hashanah than I did attending church, in my heart of hearts, my belief wasn’t there.

I don’t currently subscribe to any particular religion, not even Wicca.

Here’s what I currently believe: I believe in magic. I believe in the power of nature. I believe in the Universe. I believe in intention. I also believe to some degree, in the Roman gods and goddesses. Just because they’re not in fashion at the moment doesn’t mean they went away.

So, I created The Pagan Grimiore.

I love to ask questions and I like to dig for answers. As I explore my own spirituality and learn more about the old religions, traditions, and beliefs, I’ll share those findings with you.

I hope you find it interesting. May it deepen your own spiritual knowledge and inspire your journey, no matter what road you’re on. Believe what you will, as long as it does not harm yourself or others. For, as above, so below. As within, so without.

Blessed Be.