35 Aquarius Tattoo Ideas For Your Free-Spirited Self

From constellations to glyphs, here are plenty of ideas for your next session.

Aquarius Tattoos

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When it comes to quirky and unique, perhaps no one does it better than Aquarius. The air sign, ruled by Uranus, falls between the dates of January 21 and February 19th. They’re known for their wit, their intelligence, and their aversion to staying inside the box. What’s in the box? Not Aquarius.

Not surprisingly, these Aquarius tattoos reflect their creative personality.

While many water bearers choose to show off their sign with a simple glyph, other Aquarius tattoos feature the constellation or a depiction of a woman or man pouring out or carrying water. While, you’ll see that others are more subtle and feature the tarot card of Aquarius: The Star.
Aquarius Tattoos

If you’re considering getting a meaningful Aquarius tattoo, may the ink below inspire you.

Aquarius Tattoo Ideas

1. Jug Tattoo

This jug by Little Moon Boy looks like it’s ready to be filled with water and poured over the mountains.
Aquarius Tattoos - Grecian Jug


2. Woman’s Portrait Tattoo

Who says having your head in the clouds is a bad thing? This traditional-style tattoo of a woman’s head by Sacred Spiral Tattoo features the Aquarius glyph and lightning bolts, perhaps as an homage to the lightning flash.
Aquarius Tattoos - Woman


3. Spell Jar Tattoo

This ink of a tiny little spell jar, sealed with a cork, contains the constellation of Aquarius and is wrapped in flowers.



4. Orchid Tattoo

Jordan Nugent’s colorful tattoo work delicately combines the Aquarius’s flower, the orchid, with the moon and the stars.
Aquarius Tattoos - Orchid and Constellation


5. Jug Pouring Water Tattoo

It was probably a cat who knocked over this jug of water.



6. Mermaid Tattoo

Jake Relin‘s depiction of a beautiful woman — er, mermaid — carrying water has me asking a lot of questions. Is she refilling the sea? Is she using the sea to fill something else? Where did I put my glasses? Anyway, the black-and-grey tattoo design is gorgeous.
Aquarius Tattoos - Mermaid Water Bearer


7. Water Jug Tattoo

I love this simple high-contrast black-and-blue tattoo of water falling out from a jug. Not only does the tattoo by Skin Grafter feature the Aquarius symbol as it almost looks like the water is a cute little creature wearing the jug as a hat.
Aquarius Tattoos - Water Bearer Jug


8. The Star Tarot Card Tattoo

Paris-based artist Ocrb‘s tattoo of the Star tarot card — Aquarius’s card within the Major Arcana — is reminiscent of some of Aubrey Beardsley’s haunting illustrations from last century.
Aquarius Tattoos - the star tarot card


9. Realistic Aquarius Tattoo

This incredible realistic portrait of a water bearer in front of the zodiac wheel is still blowing my mind. Tattoo by Kiljun.
Aquarius Tattoos - zodiacal wheel


10. Aquarius Goddess Tattoo

This green-haired goddess sweetly pours water over the star as she’s surrounded by orchid flowers and rainbows in Betsy Ebsen’s pretty design.



11. Male Aquarian Tattoo

If nothing else, this is a reminder that not all water bearers have to be female. Some can look like mighty gods, like in this tattoo.



12. Surrealist Aquarius Tattoo

Alessandro Peki‘s surrealistic portrait of the water bearer features bold black-and-grey lines in a style that evokes both old Hollywood and David Lynch.
Aquarius Tattoos - Black and Grey


13. Realistic Water Bearer Tattoo

Oliver Barkins’ stately Aquarian pours water from her Grecian jug with incredible poise. She is a woman who has never — not once — tripped over a pile of laundry in the middle of the night.
Aquarius Tattoos - Glamorous water bearer


14. Galaxy Tattoo

For those who love space, it’s hard to top this colorful ink featuring swirling planets, the water bearer’s jug and… a saxophone?



15. Geometric Tattoo

This bold geometric chest tattoo suggests this Aquarius might also be a Star Trek fan.



16. Astronaut Water Bearer Tattoo

This astronaut water bearer is in outer space. Literally. Well, I suppose not literally unless the person with it is an astronaut, but I think you get what I mean.



17. Simple Aquarius Symbol Tattoo

This simple glyph ink by Mahendra Kadek features two lines on the wearer’s wrist, but still has plenty of meaning.
Aquarius Tattoos - minimalist aquarius symbol


18. Aquarius Finger Tattoo

This small finger tattoo is minimalist, but speaks volumes.



19. Light Aquarius Tattoo

This pastel tattoo by Iris Yang features the water jug and the constellation in pretty pinks, purples, and blues.
Aquarius Tattoos - pastel water jug and constellation


20. The Star Card

Why collect tarot card decks when you can collect tarot card tattoos?



21. Pastel Water Jug

I’m definitely not drinking whatever is flowing out of this, but I love this pretty pastel pink and purple jug. Ok, maybe one sip.



22. Sweet Aquarius Tattoo

Rêka Bittencourt‘s addition of a simple heart to the Aquarius symbol makes is stand out among other minimalist Aquarius tattoos.
Aquarius Tattoos - symbol with heart


23. Seal Water Bearer

This Aquarius tattoo by Krysta Tyni could be cuter, but it’d be really really hard.
Aquarius Tattoos - seal water bearer


24. Traditional Tattoo

The jug, but in old-school tattoo style. Work by Dom Berger in Tasmania.
Aquarius Tattoos - traditional water jug


25. Moth Tattoo

At first glance, this ink by Emma Freed just looks like a cool tattoo of a moth. But on second glance, you’ll spot the Aquarius symbol on its wings. Or maybe you’ll see it all on first glance, you smarty pants, you.

Aquarius Tattoos - moth with symbol


26. Greek Water Bearer

This Grecian-style water bearer tattoo by Anna Zachariades feels like she should be drawn on an ancient vessel somewhere. Also, how does she do that thing with the water?
Aquarius Tattoos - grecian water bearer


27. Keroppi Aquarius Tattoo

This cartoon tattoo of Sanrio’s Keroppi as the water bearer is perhaps the cutest. Will he have to battle it out against the seal to see who wins that honor? Perhaps.



28. Matching Zodiac Tattoos

Are you and your partner or bestie thinking of getting matching tattoos? These matching black-and-grey tattoos by Michy incorporate both the signs of Aries and Aquarius in one piece. They’re great if one of you is one and one is the other, or you just want to represent your sun and moon signs.
Aquarius Tattoos - aries and aquarius ink


29. Modern Aquarius Tattoo

When you want ink that literally looks like it belongs in the modern art wing, look no further for inspiration than this striking tattoo by Jasper Van Gestel.
Aquarius Tattoos - modern art


30. Watercolor Aquarius Tattoo

This watercolor style tattoo blends the themes of astrology and rebirth in this ink that features the air element, the Aquarius symbol and constellation, and the phoenix.



31. Uranus Tattoo

Show off your love of space with this tattoo that incorporates the constellation and ruling planet of Uranus.



32. Colorful Water Jug

This deep blue water jug feels like it’s been plucked straight from an old Disney film.



33. Anime Mermaid Tattoo

This comic-style mermaid is reaching for the moon and her jug of water. Though, you’d really think she had enough water where she lives.



34. Vase Tattoo

One of the most subtle Aquarius tattoos we’ve seen yet. Yup, mom, totally not into astrology. This is just a vase with some plants in it.



35. Water Bearer Tattoo

This beautiful witchy water bearer surrounded by orchids looks like she’s casting a spell and knows exactly what she’s doing.



36. Flower Tattoo

For an astrology tattoo that also shows off your nature-loving side, take inspiration from this tattoo that combines flowers and the zodiac glyph.