When Should You Burn a Black Candle?

Black Candle Meaning

Curious what burning a black candle means? They’re much less sinister than you think! Black candles sometimes find their way into movies and shows about witches and can have a bad reputation.

While their meanings are connected with endings, which sometimes means death, they’re mostly used in spells and candle magic to banish, uncross, or remove negativity or evil spirits.

They do, however, have a tendency to be permanent, so make sure that’s your intention. More on that later.

Black Candle Meaning - Altar

They’re best to burn on Saturdays, the day of Saturn. Or, with orange candles on Samhain, the Wiccan new year.

Why Should You Burn a Black Candle?

Black candles are best for candle magic or manifestations that focus on:

  • absorbing negative energy
  • inner strength
  • breaking bad habits
  • protection
  • ending a phase you’re ready to move on from
  • removing negative emotions
  • clearing obstacles
  • honoring the crone aspect of the triple goddess
  • breaking hexes or curses
  • banishing evil spirits from a space

Here are some times you could burn a black candle:

You’re dealing with a lot of drama around a situation that won’t seem to end. A black candle can help clear out the stagnant negative energy so you can move forward.

If you want to break a bad habit but find yourself struggling to release it, a black candle may help you let it go.

When you want to cut the cords with someone energetically or are ready to begin the next phase of your life but feel too attached to the prior one to do so.

To help clear a haunted space of malicious or troublesome spirits.

To protect yourself from attacks or release yourself from a curse or a hex.

Black Candle Meaning - black and white candles on altar

What’s the Difference Between a White Candle and a Black Candle?

If you’ve read my article on white candles, you may start to see that some of the meanings and uses overlap. Both can be used for clearing negative energy, removing blocks, and breaking apart obstacles. It’s believed they just do it differently.

Black candles absorb. Think of them like a black hole or a vacuum that has a consuming energy.

White candles push out energy. When you’re using them to remove obstacles, think of them like a blinding flash of light that clears the room.

Zodiac Signs and the Symbols of Their Ruling Planets - Saturn

What Day Should You Burn a Black Candle?

The black candle is associated with Saturn, the Roman God of endings. Saturdays are the day of Saturn, making Saturdays best for burning black candles.

Saturn is also associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn and the Devil tarot card.

While that may sound ominous, that’s exactly the kind of energy you need if you’re looking to close something. Sometimes closing doors allows another one to open. And, if you’re struggling to release something, the Satrunal energy can help you do just that.

A word of warning: Saturn was also the god who devoured his son, so be mindful you’re not “throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” if you will. If you want to reduce or remove an energy in a gentler way, use the candle connected with that energy while the moon is waxing.

More Black Candle Associations:

  • Numerology: 13
  • Astrology: Capricorn
  • Gods: Saturn, Hades, Kali, Triple Goddess
  • Planet: Saturn
  • Day: Saturday
  • Element: Earth
  • Direction: North
  • Holiday: Samhain

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Candles You Could Use

I prefer to purchase candles locally, but if you don’t have a shop near you to support, here are some you could try.

1. Black Cat Candle, $12.50
Black Candle Meaning - Black Cat Candle

2. Black Chime Candles, $4.95
Black Candle Meaning - Black Chime Candles

3. Black Pillar Candle, $19.95
Black Candle Meaning - Black Pillar Candles with Pentacle

The Pagan Grimoire
  1. Could you explain the procedure for lighting the Black Candle for removing spells and negative energy from around oneself! Like what do be say specifically while lighting it? Also after the candle is lit should a specific area surrounding it or above it be avoided like for any kind of items should be avoided bringing from above it might absorb that negative energy or something like that?

  2. My fiancée and I have a spell we will be doing soon to dispel some horribly negative energy, and remove something that most would consider a “black cloud” that has been following us for too long. We have a black candle for it, and are new to spellcasting but have a general idea on how to preform this. But this article, like many here, was very informal, and helped us further our knowledge on what exactly to do and when to do it! Thanks!

  3. You made a good point that allotting ample space is also essential when buying new candles. I’d like to find a good place that sells voodooist candles because my grandmother used to practice voodoo. I want to learn the basics of it one of these days.

  4. Not long ago, I started reading about witchcraft and decided I’d like to learn more about it. I’m glad you talked about using a black candle to clear out negative energy and moving forward. I’ll get a black candle later today while I find a witchcraft course to help me learn more about using candles for protection.

  5. Is there something else I can burn in place- if I don’t have one handy? Any sticks or herbs by chance? For a banishing/protection spell?

    1. Incense drives away bad energy provided you leave a path of exit (door or window), but resin (sap) gets rid of the spirit bringing that bad energy. Palo Santo, Frankincense are easiest to acquire. Also, black and white candles are often interchangeable for small spells. REMEMBER: INTENT, FOCUS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE COLOR OF THE CANDLE. The candle color mostly helps to focus our energy and intent.

  6. The only black candle i could find was a yankee glass pillar midsummers night. Will any black candle or the one i got work??

    1. No wind or was the wick cut too low to be above the wax pool? Did it get wet at any time? If none of this applies, you may possibly have someone blocking you.

  7. My mom is a very negative person and easily wants to turn an argument into something much bigger, she even gets aggressive. I want to be clear about my intentions with the candle on how I don’t want her hurt but I wish to get rid of all her bad energies. Would lighting a black candle help?

    1. You can just as easily use a white one. Your focus and intent are important. So are your words. Be careful with your words. Words are spells! Also, have you thought about coming at your situation from a different angle? Maybe a spell of happiness aimed at her?

  8. 1. What happen if 18 Black Birthday candles effect to female’a birthday?

    2. The 16th was blow out and the smoke appear into skull head or snake head like shape while last two candles still burning while took the picture by camera.

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