Your Guide to Candle Color Meanings and Candle Magick

Every candle color has a different meaning. Discover the right one for your spell.

Candle Color Meanings

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Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of magick. Candles represent the intense element of Fire and wand energy. In rituals, they are action-oriented and can be used to set something in motion or call in an energy. To help you set and focus on your intention, choosing the right candle color can help as each has a different spiritual meaning.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about how to perform a basic candle spell and the best candle color depending on the day of the week and your desired result.

What Is Candle Magic?

Candle magic is a type of manifestation ritual that is centered around the use of candles to create a desired outcome in a ritual or spell. Those who follow many different spiritual paths use candle magic, including witches.

We all know the element of Fire has a powerful, transformative effect, which is one reason so many witches use candle magic. It’s relatively simple, direct, and (usually) fast. Another is that some believe you can use candle magic to connect with deities, guides, and the spirit realm.

If you don’t think you’ve ever performed candle magick, think back to your last birthday. When you wished on the candles flickering on your birthday cake then blew them out, that was a spell. You were doing magic!

The ritual of blowing out birthday candles actually goes back to the Ancient Greeks. For birthdays, they baked Full Moon cakes in honor of the goddess Artemis and then lit them with candles so they would reflect like the Moon.

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Does Candle Color Matter in Magick?

The color of the candle matters for a few reasons. One is symbolic. The brain has a psychological, subconscious response to color. That response is rooted in your personal experience with that color as well as what meanings your culture assigned to it.

There’s also a prevailing belief that there’s a connection between candle magic and color therapy, and that different colors emit different frequencies. This is true to some extent, as each color on the spectrum does reflect a certain light wavelength.

The meanings below correspond to those found in the Western world, as many neo-pagan beliefs can be traced back to Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Ireland, and the Nordic countries. But, pagans lived everywhere, so if you have a different association with the color red than those listed below, please choose the color you feel best connects with your beliefs.
candles in many colors

Candle Color Meanings


Burn a white candle to connect with the lunar and Goddess energies. You can also use them for protection, new beginnings and purity, healing, truth, meditation, peace, gratitude, harmony, to call on spirit guides, or to help calm the mind.

You can burn white candles in place of any other color candle if the color you desire is not available.


Black candles are best for protection spells and for repelling, absorbing, or banishing negative energy. Candle magic with this color can also help reverse curses or hexes, unblock stuck energy, stop bad habits, or to put an end to an unhealthy situation.


For fast-acting spells, red candles are a great tool. They tap into the power of Mars and are best for lust or intentions tied to determination or survival. Burning a red candle can help increase passion, potency, stamina, or attract a passionate partner. They can also help with fresh starts and attracting good luck, and may improve confidence, willpower, physical strength, courage, and determination.


Pink candles should be burned for spells connected to unconditional love, romance, affection, warmth, joy, friendship and self-love. You can also use pink colored candles to enhance overall happiness, harmony, empathy, connection, intimacy, to strengthen new relationships, and to facilitate relationship healing, reconciliation, forgiveness, and emotional healing.


Blue candles are great for spiritual or emotional healing, improving communication, and for tapping into your creativity. Light a blue candle to enhance focus, memory, justice, prophetic dreams, and inspiration. Like white candles, royal blue ones can be burned for harmony, peace of mind, truth, healing, and connection with the higher self.


If you are looking to do money magic or good luck magic, burn a green candle. Green candles are ideal for asking for abundance in all earthly things, whether you’re doing Earth and plant magic, or need help with manifesting more in the realms of success, prosperity, or health.


Brown candles can help ground you. Brown candles represent the earth and are ideal for any situation that calls for neutrality, understanding, balance, and building trust. They may also help you have a stronger connection with animal guides.


Historically, purple was connected with royalty and with the mystical arts. If you want to improve your psychic power and open your third eye, burn a purple candle. You can use a purple candle for wisdom, meditation, divination, uncovering secrets and knowledge, and deepening your spiritual awareness.

Magenta or Dark Pink

If you want to do a love spell but want passion too, a magenta candle is a good way to blend the intentions of the red and pink candle colors. Great for improving your flirtation skills and sexual confidence.


Orange candles combine the intellectual energy of yellow candles and the aggressive intent of red ones. Light an orange candle if you need help with things that involve both quick action and the mind. For instance, you can burn them for good luck in career, networking, and legal affairs (though also consult a lawyer if you need one). They may also invite more joy and play and stimulating energy into your life.


Need to take your ideas to the next level? Yellow candles can help with all things tied to the intellect and focus. Burn a yellow candle to enhance learning, overcome mental blocks, expand your wisdom, gain clarity and confidence, bring in new ideas, and see things in a more logical way.


Gold candles are one of the candle colors that draws on male energy or the energy of the God. It’s best to burn if you need help with success, happiness, enlightenment, confidence, prosperity, wealth, personal power, and wisdom.


For Wiccans, a white or silver candle may represent the Goddess. You can use silver candles to tap into astral energy, female energy, and help you strengthen your intuition, telepathy, and clairvoyance. They may also result in more powerful dreams.

Light Blue

A light or dark blue candle will work for the blue candle intentions. But, if you have a light blue candle, you can use it to improve patience, friendship, mental fortitude, or to help release anger.


Gray candles are a cross between white and black and operate as a neutral color. They assist with neutrality, balance, protection, peace, and spiritual wisdom.

woman holding white candle

Candle Colors for Each Day of the Week

Each day of the week corresponds to a different intention and planet. Here are the best colors for each day.

  • Sunday (The Sun): Gold or Orange
  • Monday (The Moon): White, Grey, or Silver
  • Tuesday (Mars): Red
  • Wednesday (Mercury): Yellow or Grey
  • Thursday (Jupiter): Blue or Purple
  • Friday (Venus): Green or Pink
  • Saturday (Saturn): Black

How to Perform a Candle Magick Spell

Performing a candle spell can be as simple as lighting a candle, thinking of an intention, then blowing it out. Or, it can be very complex. Recently, Olivia Graves, (the Witch of Wonderlust) shared some images of her spells if you’re curious what real candle magic sometimes looks like.

Here is a simple way to perform a candle spell:

1. Set an intention.

Figure out what you want to manifest. Choose a candle color that matches that meaning. Set an intention and take at least 5 minutes to meditate on it so it is clear in your mind.

Write your intention on a piece of paper (a receipt or envelope is fine). Write as if you are already living in your intention. Do not write what you wish you happen. For example, if you want a new job, write something like, “I have an incredible job as a (describe your position). I love my coworkers and I am paid well for my time.”

2. Dress the Candle

If you have an oil the corresponds with the day or your intention, coat the candle in oil. If the candle is in a glass container, drizzle a very small amount on top. (Your intention is not to burn the house down.)

If you have herbs that correspond to the the day or your intention, roll the candle towards you to bring the energy you desire in. If you are doing a releasing or banishing spell, roll the candle away from you.

3. Light the Candle

Look up the best day to light your candle and light it on this day. If you don’t want to wait, look up the planetary hour that corresponds with your intention in a planetary magick app and prepare to light it at the beginning of that hour. There are two for each planet each day.

Set the candle in a candle-safe location. light the candle and speak the intention that you wrote down. If you are using a small chime candle, stay with the candle until it is extinguished, focusing on your intention. If you are using a larger candle in a glass container, place your intention underneath the candle, make sure the candle is in a safe location, and walk away. The spell has been cast.

A note on candle safety: Here are some expert tips for candle safety, the main one of which is don’t leave a lit candle unattended. (This one reason we love chime candles. They burn within about an hour.)

Can You Combine Candle Colors?

You can absolutely combine candle colors. Some candles come with multiple layers of colors. You can also combine colors to connect best to your specific intention and light them at the same time.

For example, if you want to improve communication with your significant other, you could burn a blue candle and a pink one together.

Where Can You Get Candles for Candle Magic?

You can order candles through Amazon, but we recommend supporting your local metaphysical store. Some, like Pan’s Apothika or The Green Man, will dress them for you with the corresponding oil and herbs, so all you need to do is set your intention.

Candle Color Meanings