How to Manifest Your Desire Using Candle Magic

Manifestation candles may help you achieve your desire. Here’s how to use them and perform basic candle magic.

Candle Magic for Manifestation

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Over the years, I’ve done a lot of manifesting with candles using candle magic rituals. Intention candles (also known as manifestation candles) can help you manifest a desire or set an intention. They can be quite powerful if done right. You can also use candles in your meditations to help you focus on a certain aspect you’re looking to shift.

I will let you know that in my experience, when you’re doing candle magic or burning candles with an intention, sometimes things don’t go exactly as you intended. Sometimes the Universe has bigger things in mind for you. Sometimes it needs to move some things out of your way.

I remember once when I was feeling very stuck, I lit a Road Opener candle with the intention of unblocking my path and shortly thereafter split up with an entire group of friends. Apparently, that’s what the Universe thought was best for my highest good. So it is.

I say this not to scare you off, but so that you’re prepared for the extraordinary. Anytime you work with magic or manifestation, you’re attempting to channel your guides and the divine (however you define this). They see everything and are simply helping you to reach that next level, but sometimes they have to take the trash out first.

Think back to a time when your parents cleaned your room and threw out a bunch of stuff you thought you needed. They didn’t understand why you were so upset. They thought they were just getting rid of the clutter. This is the same concept, just on a higher level.

Ok, now that you’re ready, here’s how to perform basic candle magic and use candles to manifest your desire.

Candle Magic for Manifestation - Altar

How to Use A Manifestation Candle

1. Use the Right Candle Color for Your Intention

Candles are magical tools that work with the Fire element and Will energy. At the end of the day, the color doesn’t really matter.

But, each candle color has a meaning, a day, a planet, and a spiritual entity associated with it. Keeping this in mind as you meditate or do your magical workings can help you stay focused on your intention.

  • White: healing, truth, divination, peace, protection
  • Pink: love, self-love, romance, reconciliation
  • Red: lust, courage, willpower, determination, strength
  • Orange: quick action, joy, play, confidence
  • Yellow: charm, persuasion, overcoming mental blocks, new ideas, confidence
  • Green: success, abundance, money, good luck
  • Blue: truth, wisdom, justice, healing, loyalty
  • Purple: psychic manifestations, astral travel, meditation, spirituality
  • Black: protection, banishing, cutting cords, removing negativity
  • Brown: grounding, lost objects, concentration
  • Grey: balancing, neutralizing negativity, protection
  • Gold: wealth, bold manifesting, prosperity
  • Silver: moon or goddess energy, stability, intuition

Candle Color Meanings

Check the Moon Phase

Why does the moon phase matter? Because depending on what the moon is doing, its energies might be working with or against your intention.

I prefer to set candle intentions at the new or the full moon if possible. New Moons are best for setting intentions if you want to bring something in. Full moons are best for letting things go and for giving gratitude for your new moon intentions.

Candle Magic for Manifestation - Moon Phases
What About Eclipses?

I generally avoid doing magic or setting manifestations during eclipses. Eclipses are said to be three times as powerful as your everyday full moon and candles tend to work quickly anyway.

If you’re ready to bring in something or let something go, an eclipse might do this already without you “helping” it along. If it doesn’t, wait until the next moon phase you need and do your candle manifestation then.

3. Dress Your Candle

Some manifestation or magic candles come dressed with oils, herbs, or carvings. If yours did not, dressing your candle can help intensify your intention. Use herbs or oils associated with your intention. For instance, if you’re doing a love spell, you could rub a pink candle with rose oil and sprinkle fresh rosemary on top. For a great guide to these herbs and oils, check out The Guide to Magickal Herbs.

Candle Magic for Manifestation - Lighting Candle Ritual

4. Light Your Candle

Pick a spot in your home where the candle can safely burn undisturbed for hours. Ideally, this is somewhere you can monitor it. It’s not good to leave candles burning where you can’t see them or when you’re sleeping.

I prefer to turn off the lights and shut out any distractions for the next part.

Focus or meditate hard on your intention for a few moments. Really get your desire clear in your mind’s eye.

Now, step forward and light the candle, speaking your desire out loud. Ask the Universe for what you want and be extremely clear about it. Mean what you say. Remember, this is what you want to will into being. Each word matters and now is not the time to waffle. You can say a simple sentence or you can speak to the Universe for a few minutes. When you are done, say thank you and close the intention or spell with the words that are right for your beliefs.

Candle Magic for Manifestation - Meditation

5. Be Patient

Now that you’ve set your manifestation, you must surrender the outcome to the higher powers. Don’t go back and adjust it. Don’t redo the spell. Trust that the Universe and your guides heard you will make whatever shifts need to happen. If there is internal work you feel would be helpful to do while the candle magic is happening, you can absolutely do that.

Answers to Few Common Questions About Manifesting with Candles

What if I can’t find the right candle color?
The candle color can help you focus, but it’s not essential. If you can’t find the color associated with your desire, use a white candle.

Should I leave the candle burning if I’m asleep or not home?
Nope. Do not leave a candle burning if you can’t watch it. Don’t blow it out, though. Place something heat-proof over it so it naturally goes out. A plate or a ceramic coaster could work.

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