25 Spooky Halloween Cross-Stitch Patterns For When You’re Feeling Crafty

A slightly different kind of craft.

Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns

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I have a confession to make: I’m a little crafty. Like, knitting and such crafty. So, recently when Wiccan writer Ash Elding suggested we do some Halloween cross-stitch, I went deep into a rabbit hole on Etsy. And discovered this creepy cross-stitch book full of eerie patterns.

And, there, I found a whole ton of spooky cross-stitch patterns from creators like Night Spirit Studio, Tusk and Cardinal, and the Witchy Stitcher. Even if you’re not into textile arts, I figured you might enjoy looking through these designs. And, at worst, they could make a fun gift for your favorite goth friend or witch.

25 Halloween Cross-Stitch PDF Patterns to Download from Etsy

1. As Above So Below

And so it is done.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - As Above So Below
Available on Etsy.

2. It’s Fricking Bats Halloween Cross Stitch

Yes. And, as a result, less frickin mosquitos.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - It's Frickin Bats
Available on Etsy.

3. Witchcraft Supply Cross Stitch

These shelves in this pattern are full of everything you need to decorate your altar including candles, incense, pentacles, chalices, and more.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Witchcraft Supply
Available on Etsy.

4. I Don’t Always Wear Black Sometimes I Wear Nothing

Our neighbors love us.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - I Don't Always Wear Black, Sometimes I Wear Nothing
Available on Etsy.

5. Black Cats and Raven Halloween Cross Stitch

This “dark ritual” cross stitch pattern features two black cats and a raven perched upon a skull amongst a sea of lit candles. I’m not sure which one of these creatures would wake me up first, but my bet is the cat on the right.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Dark Ritual
Available on Etsy.

6. Bat Eating Ramen

Bats and ramen. Two of the things I love in one place. Please hold while I place an order with my local restaurant.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Bat Eating Ramen
Available on Etsy.

7. Fangs in Filigree

For the vampire lover. Or the dentist. Or the vampire dentist.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Vampire Fangs Filigree
Available on Etsy.

8. Spooky Haunted House

Just one question: how did the ghosts put out the pumpkins?
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Haunted House with Ghosts
Available on Etsy.

9. Caroling Crows

Corvids. No longer just for Halloween.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Crows Singing
Available on Etsy.

10. Kraken and Boat

Is it even Halloween if a giant Kraken doesn’t rise up and devour a boat?
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Kraken
Available on Etsy.

11. Ghost Tea Party

But, first tea. Then, hauntings.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Ghost Tea Party
Available on Etsy.

12. Snake Set Halloween Cross-Stitch

For when you want to match your home decor to your snake tattoo.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Snakes
Available on Etsy.

13. Gothic Candelabra Cross Stitch

Is it weird that the first thing this reminded me of was Castlevania?
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Gothic Candalabra
Available on Etsy.

14. Spooks and Spells Halloween Cross Stitch

A cute witchy cross stitch to keep around all year long.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Spooks and Spells
Available on Etsy.

15. Witchy Desk

This one is perfect for the lots-going-on-all-the-time slightly disorganized witch.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Haunted Desk
Available on Etsy.

16. Enchanted Forest III

Mushrooms, now with an extra side of ectoplasm.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Ghost Mushroom
Available on Etsy.

17. Witchcrafts Halloween Cross Stitch

The pattern is wonderful, but I’m particularly in love with her bat floss bobbins. (Get those here.)
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Witchcraft
Available on Etsy.

18. Don’t Summon Demons in the Bathroom

They make such a mess.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Don't Summon Demons In the Bathroom
Available on Etsy.

19. RIP Decaf Cross Stitch

The raven agrees. Nevermore.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - RIP Decaf
Available on Etsy.

20. Gothic Bleeding Hearts Cross Stitch

This could be more romantic goth, but it would be hard.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Bleeding Heart
Available on Etsy.

21. Ghost Cross Stitch

Finally, a cross stitch pattern that looks like the spirit you saw in the window.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Ghost
Available on Etsy.

22. Leshy Cross Stitch

This pattern of Slavic forest spirit Leshy is undoubtedly eerie.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Leshy
Available on Etsy.

23. Krampus Cross Stitch

For when you want to get a head start on your holiday projects.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Krampus
Available on Etsy.

24. Poisonous Plants

Also known as things not to put in soup.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Poisonous Plants
Available on Etsy.

25. Haunted Library Cross Stitch

In other words, every library.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Haunted Library
Available on Etsy.

Halloween Cross Stitch Books

1. Creepy Cross-Stitch

This book by Lindsay Swearingen (known as Tusk and Cardinal on Instagram and on Etsy) features 25 spooky patterns that include haunted houses, ghosts, Baby Yaga’s House, poisonous botanicals, and more.


2. Stitchcraft: An Embroidery Book of Simple Stitches and Peculiar Patterns

Gayla Partridge is an Austin, Texas-based textile artist and pinup photographer. Her book Stitchcraft features a wide collection of anatomical and macabre patterns from human hearts to palmistry hands.
Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns - Stitchcraft Book

3. Mystical Stitches: Embroidery for Personal Empowerment and Magical Embellishment

Ok, technically this is embroidery. But, if you’ve ever gotten lost looking at photos of mythical animals in medieval bestiaries, Mystical Stitches is your kind of book. In it, you’ll find all sorts of magical patterns from candles to creatures from the Sorceress of Stitch that you can use to sew intentions into jackets, tablecloths, and everything else.