July’s Buck Moon: Spiritual Meaning and Full Moon Ritual

Step into your most authentic self.

Full Buck Moon Spiritual Meaning

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July’s Full Buck Moon will be at its fullest on July 21, 2024, exactly one month after the Strawberry Moon. The Thunder Moon or Buck Moon’s spiritual meaning is connected to growth, culmination, and intense emotions.

Full Moon rituals, spells, and correspondences for the Buck Moon are related to these energies. In July 2024, the Full Moon is in Capricorn, like it was with the Strawberry Moon, so it might be best to consider how you can combine the practical with the mystical to move forward on your manifestations or goals.

Why Is July’s Full Moon Named the Buck Moon?

Also called the Thunder Moon, we call July’s Moon as the Buck Moon because it is the name some Indigenous American tribes used to describe the time of the year when the antlers of male deer (known as bucks) are nearly full grown. It’s also when thunderstorms are frequent thanks to July’s intense heat and humidity.

July’s Moon is the first or second Full Moon for summer. And, most of its other names suggest a ripeness and fullness. Many indicate fruits that are ready to be enjoyed during this time, such as blueberries and raspberries.

July’s Full Moon is also known as:

  • Halfway Summer Moon (Ojibwe)
  • Blueberry Moon (Ojibwe)
  • Raspberry Moon (Ojibwe)
  • Flying Moon (Ojibwe)
  • Thunderstorm Moon (Catawba)
  • Corn in Tassel Moon (Cherokee)
  • Honey Bee Moon (Mahican)
  • String Bean Moon (Oneida)
  • Little Sister of the Summer Moon (Tunica and Seneca)
  • Mead Moon (Europe)
  • Hay Moon (Europe)
July Full Buck Moon Names

When is the Buck Moon in 2024?

The 2024 Buck Moon will be at peak fullness on Sunday, July 21 at 6:17 AM ET. It will be in the sign of Capricorn.

If you are located in another time zone, it will be full on July 21 at 10:16 UTC. The next Buck Moon will be on July 10, 2025 in Capricorn.

What Is the Buck Moon’s Spiritual Meaning?

Spiritually, the Buck Moon is the time for increased determination, and adding more heat or energy to your goal. Whether you’re working on something connected to self growth or something more tangible, such as a project you’re managing. Now is a good time to turn up the intensity.

Like those bucks, who started growing their antlers in March, and whose antlers are nearly full now, how can you shine brighter and really step into your power and calling this month?

Also, since in 2024, the Buck Moon falls in Capricorn, how can that grounded, practical Earth energy help support your intention?

The energy of the Buck Full Moon is:

  • Determination
  • Growth
  • Intensity
  • Heat
  • Energy
  • Culmination
  • Focus
  • Self-Confidence
July Full Buck Moon Energy

July Correspondences

If you are looking to decorate your altar or create a spell jar for the Full Moon, here are some of the flowers, colors, and deities that correspond with this Moon and the month of July. You may also incorporate them into your Full Moon ritual.

  • Colors: Blue, grey, silver
  • Gods and Goddesses: Neptune, Athena, Venus, Cronus, Furrina, Apollo, Khepri, Cernunnos, Ra, Osiris, Thoth
  • Plants: Lotus, water lily, honeysuckle, larkspur, delphinium, hyssop, gardenia, oak
  • Crystals: Ruby, blue kyanite, emerald, tiger’s eye, red agate

If you feel called to do so, also consider adding objects that connect to Capricorn or Saturn to your altar. Just remember to never leave a lit candle burning unattended.

July Correspondences

What Kind of Magic Should I Do In My Full Moon Ritual?

In 2024, the Buck Moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth sign connected to the planet of endings and expansion. Full Moons are always a good time for letting go of anything that no longer serves you. If there’s a way you’re holding yourself back when it comes to growth, self-confidence, or achieving your goals, now’s the time to let of those negative limiting beliefs.

The energy of the Buck Moon is a good time for earth-based spells and rituals connected to courage, determination, and focus. While the moon is in Capricorn, it’s the best time for spells connected to your ambitions or career.

July Full Buck Moon Ritual Spells

You may find it helpful to journal your thoughts as well. Here are some prompts to consider:

Journal Prompts for July’s Full Moon

  1. What does your most grounded and self-confident version of yourself look and feel like?
  2. What limiting beliefs do you have that are holding you back from stepping into this version of yourself? How can you begin to release those?
  3. What are three goals or intentions you’d like to set for the remainder of the year?
  4. What are some practical actions you can take next on each of those?
July Full Buck Moon Journal Prompts

Buck Moon Activities

If you’re looking for other ways to honor or celebrate the energy of June’s Strawberry Moon, here are some to consider trying on the 2-3 days surrounding it.

  • Do a self confidence spell.
  • Do an activity that makes you brings out your confidence.
  • Set a new goal or ambition.

Simple Full Moon Ritual for the Buck Moon

  1. Meditate or take a ritual bath to center and focus your energy on your intention. As the energy is more Earth-based this month, if you can meditate safely outside, you might find it more rewarding.
  2. Cleanse the space using smoke from your preferred cleansing herb. Move the smoke around your altar in a clockwise manner. You may also create a circle using salt, flowers, or herbs. Create the circle in a clockwise fashion.
  3. If you wish to charge Moon water, place water on your altar or where it will be bathed in the Moon’s light. Place any crystals you want to charge on your altar or where they will be under the moonlight.
  4. Light the candles on your altar.
  5. Use the journal prompts above or begin to journal about what you wish to let go of this Full Moon on one page. Write about what you wish to bring in on another. Do not judge yourself, simply let your intuition and higher self guide you. If you feel scattered, take a break to bring your focus back to your breath. Breathe slowly and mindfully, then begin again.
  6. If you feel compelled to do so, you may burn the page containing what you wish to release. Do so in a fireproof bowl.
  7. Stay in the calm, focused energy as long as desire, then thank the Moon, any deities you’ve worked with. In doing so, you will close the circle. If you have created a physical circle, remove it slowly and with intention in a counterclockwise fashion.