Your First Look at Michaels Halloween Decor for 2024

Decorate for Halloween or Summerween with these.

Michaels Halloween Decor for 2024

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ICYMI, Michaels Halloween decor for 2024 is arriving… now.

Isn’t it summer? Well, yes. But, in early June, Joann’s released their Halloween collection. This was way sooner than most of us Halloween fans were expecting a Code Orange. (At this point, I’m used to seeing Halloween decor creep into stores around mid-July.) But, after Michaels’ dark academia Nevermore collection hit in April, all bets were off.

Some of these items are online only, while the candy-colored collection that Michaels is calling Hippie Hallow (yeah, I dunno either) is on shelves now. The cheery yes morbid orange and pink collection is giving that record scratch party moment in Barbie. Also, Summerween.

And, most of it is 30% off with the code HIJULY35. If you’re not seeing it at the store near you, it should be there by July 3rd. I’ll update this post as more products arrive, so save it to Pinterest so you can check back.

If you want a full look at everything available in-store, here’s a comprehensive guide. You better believe I have my eyes set on that inflatable Beetlejuice sandworm.

The Best of Michaels Halloween Decor for 2024

1. Boo Pillow

If you’re vibe is 1970s slasher Halloween, this hot pink and orange throw pillow will fit your aesthetic perfectly.
Get it at Michaels

Halloween Boo Pillow from Michaels

2. Flocked Cat Sculpture

I have literally no idea how this decor item relates to Halloween. It’s a neon pink cat that looks vaguely like a wolf. Maybe it’s possessed? Your guess is as good as mine. Also available in orange.
Get it at Michaels

Pink Flocked Cat Decor from Michaels

3. Game Over Tombstone

Also relevant when you lose the fifth boss fight in a row.
Get it at Michaels

Pink Game Over Tombstone Halloween Decor from Michaels

4. Pink Tombstones

The color palette for these two-foot tall Halloween yard decorations is making them even more sinister. Here’s another, perhaps even spookier combo of them.
Get it at Michaels

Hot Pink Tombstone Halloween Decor from Michaels

5. Pink and Orange Ombre Spiderweb Wall Decor


Is it weird that I want to match my nails to my Halloween decor?
Get it at Michaels

Spiderweb Ombre Hanger from Michaels
BOGO Bats Boots The Pagan Grimoire

6. Flower Skull Pillow

Looks like the poison garden is missing one of its inhabitants.
Get it at Michaels

Halloween Skull Flower Pillow Decor from Michaels

7. Bat Tombstone

I love a good bat decoration, and this might be my favorite of the 2024 Halloween season… so far.
Get it at Michaels

Flocked Bat Tombstone from Michaels

8. Miniature Cauldrons

I’m torn over these miniature cauldrons. On the one hand, they’re food safe and come in pretty fall colors of purple and orange. On the other they’re 4″ so I wonder if they’re too small to be functional. On the other hand… dips?
Get it at Michaels

Purple and Orange Cauldrons from Michaels

9. Ombre Skeleton

Perfect for Summerween when the Home Depot skeleton fills a bit too over the top.
Get it at Michaels

Ombre Skeleton from Michaels

10. Coffin Chalkboard

Are we still doing chalkboard sayings? Asking for a friend. If so, this one is pretty cute.
Get it at Michaels

Pink Coffin Chalkboard Halloween Decor from Michaels

11. Summerween Skull

Attach a bell on it somewhere and ring when the BBQ is ready. Ribs, anyone (Also available with a bat.)
Get it at Michaels

Skull Hanger from Michaels

12. Ghost Candles

Cute. Simple. Classic. In the cart.
Get it at Michaels

Three Ghost Candles from Michaels

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13. Cute Smiling Ghost

Ok, I cannot not get this guy. I’m mean COME ON. Look at that expression!
Get it at Michaels

Flocked Hot Pink Ghost from Michaels

14. Pink Skull

As far as momento mori reminders go, this one is relatively unassuming.
Get it at Michaels

Pink Flocked Skull from Michaels

15. Witches Spell Book Stack

This decor item looks like something Samantha (or the Genie from I Dream of Genie) would have on their bedside table.
Get them at Michaels

Halloween Decor Witch Spell Books from Michaels

16. Weird Jack-O-Lanterns

I’m putting these here because my first thought was “what.” and I need you to also see them.
Get them (or not) at Michaels

Jack O Lantern Decor from Michaels

17. Coffin Serving Dish

This 12-inch dish feels like a Halloween party essential. Good for olives, nuts, a salsa medley. Your choice.
Get it at Michaels

Coffin Serving Dish from Michaels
BOGO Forest Moth Blanket The Pagan Grimoire

18. Spooky Bat Sign

Not sure if Batman would approve of this for the batcave, but I do.
Get it at Michaels

Spooky Bat Sign from Michaels

19. Flocked Bats

These light pink, dark pink, and orange flocked bats are a sweet and easy way to decorate around the holiday. Just hang them around the fireplace or from the ceiling.
Get them at Michaels

Flocked Bats in Orange and Pink from Michaels

20. Lemax Spooky Town Slithering Gardens

For years, I’ve considered adding Lemax’s haunted Halloween houses to my Halloween decor. This spooky house crawling with serpents might make it happen.
Get it at Michaels

Lemax Slithering Haunted House

21. Lemax Spooky Broken Telephone Company

It should come with the bonus feature of disconnecting the Internet if someone picks up.
Get it at Michaels

Lemax Broken Telephone Company Decor

22. Lemax Spooky Magic Shop

Almost as cool as the Magic Castle. (Almost.)
Get it at Michaels

Lemax Magic Show Decor from Michaels
Michaels Halloween Decor for 2024