When Should You Burn an Orange Candle?

Orange Candle Meaning

If you’re doing candle magic and looking to improve energy, spark joy, and initiate quick, positive action, the orange candle is the best candle color for this intention.

They’re best to burn on Sundays or during the holidays of Samhain, Lammas, and Mabon.

Orange Candle Meaning - Lit

Why Should You Burn an Orange Candle?

Orange candles are best for spells or doing manifestation work for:

  • Confidence
  • Playfulness
  • Stimulation
  • Career + networking success
  • Joy
  • Mental acuity
  • Speed
  • Connecting to the sacral chakra
  • Making new friends
  • Manifesting positivity
  • Willpower
  • Energy


Here are some examples of when you could burn a orange candle:

You’re preparing to talk to your boss about getting a raise and need that extra boost of confidence.

If you’ve been struggling to tap into the creativity, flow, and energy of your sacral chakra.

When you’ve been feeling blue and want to invite more joy and play into your life.

If you’ve just moved somewhere new and you want to make new friends and have more fun in this new chapter.

Orange Candle Meaning - Fall Leaves on Table

What Day Should You Burn an Orange Candle?

Orange candles are best to burn on Sundays because they’re associated with the Sun. But, unlike blue or purple candles, there’s no particular god that’s associated with them. Some have associated the color with Demeter or Ceres as she is the goddess of the harvest.

Personally, and this might be just me, orange has the playful confidence, like all of us have when we’re at our best. To that end, there feels like there’s a touch of that Mars energy within this eye-catching hue.

Some think that orange candles are associated with Leo, because Leo is associated with the Sun. But, I think orange has more of that get up and go Sagittarius drive.

Orange Candle Associations:

  • Chakra: Sacral
  • Astrology: Sagittarius (or Leo)
  • God: Ceres (Demeter)
  • Planet: Sun
  • Day: Sunday
  • Element: Fire
  • Direction: South


Where Can I Buy Orange Candles?

I prefer to purchase candles locally, but if you don’t have a shop near you to support, here are some orange candles available on Etsy.

Orange Chime Candles

Orange Candle Meaning - Chime Candle


Orange Spell Candle

Orange Candle Meaning - Spell Candle


Orange Candle Meaning - Pin

The Pagan Grimoire
  1. Dear friends ,
    Is it positive to burn an orange candle on a Friday mid morning when the sun is shining bright and clear , if someone can help me I appreciate immensely

  2. Yes you can move it, and just a quick reminder of your spell will work or you can definitely do it again as many times as you want.

  3. I lit an orange candle tonight in a particular spot, where after thinking more about it, I should have placed elsewhere. I distinguished it before I went to bed. Can I move it to my fireplace tomorrow and do I redo my ritual each time I light it? I want to do it for the same intention. Thank you in advance.

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