The Personality Traits of Pisces, the Sensitive Fish

Dive into the water to get a closer look at the personality traits of this water sign.

Pisces Traits

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Pisces is an empathic, sensitive and compassionate water sign born between February 22nd and March 20th. The zodiac sign is ruled by Neptune and symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

While the fish originally represented two different rivers, they’ve come to symbolize Pisces’s imaginative, artistic and creative nature.

  • Positive Traits: Compassionate, emotionally open, empathetic, intuitive, emotionally intelligent, imaginative, creative, and impressionable.
  • Negative Traits: Overly trusting, self-sacrificing, moody, escapist, indecisive, and may suffer from a victim/ martyr/ savior complex.
  • Pisces Likes: Music, poetry, mysticism, romance, spirituality, healing, dreams, soul bonds, and relaxation.
  • Pisces Dislikes: Criticism, cruelty, coldness, and rejection.

Pisces Personality Traits


Pisces have a reputation for being the most sensitive sign in the zodiac. And, we have yet to meet a Pisces where that didn’t ring true. Even if you wish you weren’t quite as in touch with your emotions as you are, it’s one of your gifts, because it also allows you to be compassionate, generous, and kind to others. Just be mindful not to slip into melancholy and moodiness that you’re prone to!


The Piscean nature is intuitive beyond belief. This intuitive nature is a great foundation for their emotional intelligence, and it also may allow you to tap into psychic gifts. Even if you’re not clairvoyant or spiritually intuitive, you probably can sense when your friends and loved ones are in need and offer them emotional support.

Pisces Traits


Pisces is one of the most selfless zodiac signs. Their empathy and ability to transcend the ego knows no bounds. Pisces sign has an innate ability to commune with the divine using their spiritual and collective consciousness to rise above their everyday reality.


Pisces are nothing if not creative. If you’re one of these sensitive water signs, you probably find it remarkably easy to birth new ideas and profound creations while the rest of us stand around in awe.

It helps that you, Pisces, has a strong imagination. But, it’s not just that. You’re able to combine this with your gift of intuition so you they can almost pull ideas and insights out of the ether. You can thank your ruler, Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality and illusions, for this gift.


Piscean wisdom is intuitive and spiritual. You draw your wisdom from a range of planes and channels of expression. However, you also may have a tendency to be a bit gullible and believe that everything will work out just fine, even if it’s pretty clear they won’t. When you find yourself thinking pie in the sky thoughts that might not be for your greater good, try and ground yourself. Or, find a Capricorn who can help.

Pisces Traits - Woman Swimming Underwater

Pisces in Love

Pisces is a romantic at heart. You’re loyal, kind, and love your partner unconditionally. Your intuition allows you to navigate the ins and outs of your relationships. It’s as if you can see into your lover’s soul and see innermost desires.

You’re also extremely passionate! You tend to be generous in love. In the bedroom, you can be slightly submissive, but you also know how to take control. Whether you’re kinky and in tune with your inner animal, or sweet and sensual and more of a cuddler depends on the person and perhaps, also, your rising sign.

Signs Most Compatible With Pisces

Pisces fares best with Water signs and Earth signs: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Fire and Air signs like Aquarius are less compatible with the fish, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find love there.

Pisces is a soulmate and kindred spirit to everyone, so you may have potential lovers in life. But, in the end you crave companionship and lifelong love.

Pisces Traits - Mermaid on Rock

How to Attract a Pisces

  • Be sweet, kind and caring. Brash and abrasive partners don’t do it for this water sign. They need kindness, empathy, and gentleness. They’re looking for genuine intentions and feelings that say “I care about you and your feelings.”
  • Depth, soul and spirituality are turn-ons. Pisces craves emotional depth and a soul connection. This water sign thrives off of authentic bonds and transparent connection. So much so that it’s integral to their well-being. Spiritual and metaphysical wisdom gets their spirit soaring too!
  • Be imaginative and creative. If there’s no creative, artistic or musical connection, a Pisces probably won’t be interested. Sharing your visionary qualities, imagination, and intuitive wisdom are all ways to win their heart. Shine in some extraordinary way and see a Pisces melt.

Best Careers for Pisces

Pisces is suited to creative and spiritual fields. From DJ or jazz musician to writer or painter, there’s a myriad of options for you to choose from.

If you prefer to follow a spiritual path, you may find stepping into the role of spiritual teacher, guide, counselor, therapist, healer, psychic or tarot reader, shamanic practitioner, or sound healer may fulfill you.

Also, many Pisces choose to spend their time doing volunteer work or becoming a social or support worker so they can directly help others.

One final thought: Your dreamy nature makes it easy for you to be more nomadic than most, so if you’re feeling called to work remotely and it makes sense for you, seriously consider it!

Pisces Family and Friends

Pisces is gentle, caring and supportive. They make excellent friends and family members as they’re always happy to lend a helping hand and a kind ear. While younger fish might suffer from intense angst, older Pisces have learned how to manage their overflowing emotions. These more mature Pisces aren’t afraid to use their intuition and spiritual insight to help loved ones.

Famous Pisces

Some famous Pisces include Albert Einstein, Dakota Fanning, Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Wanda Sykes, Jordan Peele, Corinne Bailey Rae, Steve Jobs, Drew Barrymore, Justin Bieber, and Adam Levine.

Pisces - Symbol