What Do Purple Candles Mean?

Discover the purple candle’s meanings and when to use it to guide your spiritual transformation and unlock mystical knowledge.

Purple Candle Meaning

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  • The purple candle’s meanings include improving psychic power, wisdom, opening your third eye, and deepening your spiritual awareness.
  • Light one on Thursday, the day associated with Jupiter and Neptune.

If you’re looking to expand your spiritual awareness, you may want to burn a purple candle. That’s because this color has long been connected with the mystic arts, and doing some candle magic with one may improve your ability to connect with the divine. Ready for a spiritual awakening?

Keep reading to find out the meanings of purple candles, its planetary associations, and some the best times to use it.

When Should You Burn a Purple Candle?

Use purple candles if you want to expand your divination abilities, visualization, manifestation, higher consciousness, and connect with your spirit guides.

Use it if you want to open your third eye and deepen your spiritual wisdom.

You can also use purple to expand your existing spiritual or earthly riches and successes.

Lighting purple candles may also assist with transformation, particularly of the spiritual type. Think of this as leveling up your spiritual abilities or power, not trying to turn yourself into a bat. (I may be watching too much of What We Do In the Shadows.)

All purple candles: Use for improving divination, visualization, manifestation, higher consciousness, connecting with your spirit guides, for expanding existing riches, to uncover spiritual secrets or unlock mystical knowledge, open your third eye, meditation, spiritual transformation, enhance tranquility and calmness.

Dark purple candles: Use indigo candles for scrying, divining,  clairvoyance, and help with ambition, success, and facing fears. Good for opening the third eye or 6th chakra.

Light purple candles: Use violet candles to improve your compassion, inner light, and connect with your Higher Self. This color is associated with the crown chakra and are best to light when you want to tap into the spirit realm.

Purple Candle Meaning

What Day Should You Burn a Purple Candle?

You should light purple candles on Thursdays, the day of Jupiter and Neptune.

If you’re well versed in candle magic, you may notice that blue candles are also burned on Thursdays and that blue and purple candles share some similar meanings. For instance, blue candles can also be used to increase perception, spiritual awareness, and tranquility. But there are some important differences between the two.

Blue candles rely only on the energy of Jupiter. Jupiter energy is all about great blessings, luck or prosperity, and spiritual learning.

Neptune’s energy is associated with intuition, imagination, dreams, and mystery. The energies of Neptune are also much softer than that of Jupiter.

Purple candles draw down the energy of both Jupiter and Neptune. That’s why purple is the best candle for rituals in which you’re trying to further develop your spiritual gifts.

Purple Candle Meaning

Where Did The Purple Candle’s Meanings Come From?

Purple is the color of royalty, which is why some of its meanings include ambition and expansion. Have you ever heard of a royal who didn’t want to expand their realm?

Purple is associated with royalty because in the ancient world, purple was extremely rare. Most of the purple dye came from the Phoenician trading city of Tyre where they would extract a purple mucus from the rare sea snail Bolinus bradaris. It took a quarter million snails to produce one ounce of Tyrian purple dye. The only people who could afford such a product? Royals.

In the ancient world, those rulers were often thought to be descended from the gods, hence the connection between purple and spirituality.

Purple Candle Meaning - Bolinus Brandaris
Bolinus brandaris – image courtesy of Wikimedia

More Purple Candle Correspondences:

  • Numerology: 7 and 8
  • Chakra: Third Eye and Crown
  • Astrology: Sagittarius
  • Angel: Zadkiel (Angel of Mercy)
  • Gods: Jupiter, Neptune
  • Planet: Jupiter, Neptune
  • Day: Thursdays

Purple Candle Tips:

  • If your intention to attract or increase an energy, begin your candle during the night of the new moon, or just after it. If your intention is to remove or reduce an energy, start your candle magic on the night of the full moon, or just following it.
  • Never leave a candle burning unattended. Burning down your house is not a good way to fulfill your desire.
  • Candle magic can be very powerful. Be prepared for the universe to remove things from your life that are not in alignment with your intention. Yes, that can mean breakups or other unforeseen events.

Where Can I Buy Purple Candles?

I always recommend going to your local pagan store instead of purchasing candles on Amazon. I tend to get my candles at the Panpipes Magical Marketplace or 22 Teachings.

Purple Candle Meaning