Red Candle Meanings and Magical Uses

Red Candle Meaning
  • The red candle’s meanings are linked to passion, sex, power, vitality, and victory.
  • Burn red candles on Tuesdays, the day associated with Mars.

The meanings of Red candles are connected with the qualities of Mars, the God of War. Not surprisingly, red candle magic should be done when you want fast, intense results.

Red Candle Meaning

Do you want to get it on? Like, right at this moment? Burn a red candle.

Desire to start something new and don’t care that you burn all the bridges that came before?

If you’re ready to invoke the fiery power and passion of Mars, keep reading. Not sure that’s quite what you’re looking for? Here’s our guide to all the common candle color meanings.

When Should You Burn a Red Candle?

Burn red candles on Tuesdays, the day of Mars. Just be mindful of the energy you’re asking for.

With red, there is no halfway. Just like with war. Just like with fire.

If you’re looking to draw stimulating masculine energy up from your root chakra and release it as righteous anger, sexual passion, or unbridled determination, then the red candle is your tool.

Not surprisingly, some witches have compared the effects of the red candle to that of the Tower tarot card. When you set fire to something, it means there is no going back. If you’re burning a red candle to create a new beginning, get ready to destroy what currently exists. (I personally avoid anything that may cause harm to others because of the rule of three.)

You can use red candle magic to help: increase passion and lust, attract a sexual partner, boost fertility, increase your vitality or stamina, and improve sexual potency.

It is said may help you gain fame or success, strengthen willpower and confidence, boost your physical strength, and help you feel more courageous and determined.

Finally, burning a red candle may encourage fresh starts, call in good fortune, let you get a fast answer, or see fast results.

Red Candle Meaning and Magic

Can I Use a Red Candle for Love Spells?

I wouldn’t recommend it.

Red candles are better for sex magick, not love magick.

When it comes to romantic relationships, red is all about passion and lust. That phrase “that which burns twice as hot burns half as long?” That’s the kind of relationship energy you’re conjuring when you burn a red candle.

They can be used to help you find a sexual partner, bring more passion to your sex life, increase desire, bring on lust, improve your stamina or endurance, or boost fertility.*

If you’re looking for sweet, romantic love? You’re much better off burning a pink candle.

Red Candle Meaning and Magic - Couple making love

What Does a Red and Black Candle Do?

A red and black colored candle is a double action, dual action, or reversible candle. Often, you’ll burn the black color first, and the red color second.

Why? The black color banishes, reverses, or neutralizes the negativity associated with your ask. By removing the blockage, it’s less likely your intention will be blocked.

You can order a red and black dual action candle from the Parlour of Wonders.


Where Do the Red Candle’s Meanings Originate?

For the most part, a red candle’s meanings depend on the culture.

Red is the color of blood and arousal, which is likely why it’s been connected with the god of war in many cultures since at least as far back as Babylonia.

In Babylonia, Nergal was the god of destruction, war, and pestilence. And, according to Astral Magic in Babylonia, when they discovered the red planet, they addressed it both as Salbatanu and Nergal, after the fiery god.

A few hundred years later, the Greeks renamed the planet Ares, and now we know it as the Roman name, Mars.

Psychological studies on both humans and animals have revealed that there seems to be an implicit association red with anger, potency, and danger. And seeing it may cause the flight or fight response.

However, in China, red is associated with good fortune and joy. And, in Buddhism, while it represents achievement, it also represents fortune, dignity, and virtue.

But, one thing is certain: red is not a subdued color. 

Why do we burn red candles on Tuesdays?

Because we’ve associated Tuesday with Mars.

In Latin, the phrase for Tuesday was martis dies (or Mars’s Day), and this persists in modern romance languages. For instance, in Italian, the word for Tuesday is martedi and in Spanish, it’s martes.

The English word Tuesday comes from Germanic war god Tiwaz or the Norse version, Tyr.Red Candle Meaning and Magic - Astronaut on Mars

Red Candle’s Associations

  • Numerology: 5, 9
  • Chakra: Root
  • Astrology: Aries and Scorpio
  • Angel: Uriel
  • Gods: Mars and Ares
  • Planet: Mars
  • Day: Tuesday
  • Element: Fire
  • Stones: agate, red jasper, garnet, ruby


A Few More Red Candle Tips

  • If your intention is to attract or improve something, burn your red candle when the moon is new or waxing (increasing in size).
  • If you are trying to destroy or remove something, burn your red candle when the moon is full or waning (decreasing in size).
  • Never leave a candle burning if you are not there to attend to it. If you need to extinguish your candle and relight it when you can keep an eye on it, do so. Remember, the candle itself is not the magic. It is your tool. Burning your house down is bad for everything, including your candle.

Red Candle Meaning and Magic

The Pagan Grimoire
  1. Hello:
    I met this guy that I like but he is hot and cold with me. I would like to spend more time with him and him to accept me as a girlfriend but do not want to draw him away from me if I appear to be pushy. Please advise me?

  2. Any thoughts to a meaning when the candle splits down the side during the burn, and the wax dried down the candle, holder, and pools in the base?

  3. My lover doesn’t like to be spoken to
    When I have to speak to him he stops calling or messaging for a little bit I need this to stop
    Is the red candle appreciate or can you advise me thanks

  4. I would like to ask a question I have some tennis tacky banging on my head I heard the landlord is down with that trying to get me out of my apartment because I’ve been here too long what action should I take for these people to leave me alone

    1. … Blow red cayman pepper in the direction away from you, and temper it with sage beforehand. And, say “I banish thee,” — light a white candle and something grounding like orange and brown — Don’t do so more than twice. Orange denotes legal action. That’s always a good course of action outside magic. Then imagine yourself surrounded by a white light, and say, “Go to God,” —

      And, pray, and relax, and let it manifest — your intentions, believe in them, and where-ever they lead you. Maybe a better apartment, maybe without so much stress or worry. Don’t worry about other people, and what they will or might do — or even suggest it might happen to yourself or others.

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