15 Summer Solstice Party Ideas for a Festive Celebration

From seasonal feasts to scavenger hunts, you’ll find something here to delight your guests.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas

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The Summer Solstice is fast approaching! This year it falls on June 20 and it marks the first official day of Summer. It’s also the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Here are more than a dozen Summer Solstice party ideas so you can throw a fun event.

While many people are aware of the solstice, fewer might realize the rich traditions and celebrations that accompany this astronomical event. The term “solstice” is derived from the Latin words “sol” meaning “sun” and “sistere” meaning “to stand still.” In other words, it’s the time of the year when it looks like the sun is standing still in the sky.

The Summer Solstice is a time of new beginnings and welcoming in warm, powerful energy. Use the energy of the Sun to carry your projects and desires forward. If you want to make a positive shift in your life, now is a good time to do so.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Friends Having Fun in Pool

The solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years across the globe. In Sweden, Midsummer is celebrated with flower crowns, dancing, and feasts. In the United Kingdom, thousands gather at Stonehenge to witness the sunrise. In Iceland, revelers enjoy a four-day music festival in Reykjavik. And at Teotihuacan in Mexico, many gather to welcome the sunrise on the Pyramid of the Sun and participate in rituals, dance, and meditation. honor the Sun and offerings are given to the Earth.

You too can throw your own Summer Solstice party. Here are some ideas to celebrate this magical day and the longest day of the year. Invite your guests to dress for the occasion in florals or summer-inspired attire and prepare one or more of the activities below.

Looking for more ways to celebrate the Solstice and celebrating Litha? Here are more ideas and correspondences.

1. Make Flower Crowns

Flower crown making is a delightful craft that brings a touch of nature to your summer solstice celebration. Gather fresh flowers and other seasonal blooms, along with floral wire and tape, to create stunning, wearable art. Don’t have floral wire or tape? Tie the blooms to each other using their long stems.

This activity is perfect for all ages, providing a creative outlet and a beautiful keepsake from the party. Guests can wear their crowns throughout the event, adding to the festive, summery atmosphere.

Want a crown but not feeling particularly crafty? Here’s a pretty flower crown that’s already party-ready.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Flower Crown

2. DIY Sun Catchers

Use crafting materials like colored glass beads, woods, and wire to invite your guests to design their own unique sun catchers they can hang in their windows. You can choose beads in colors from the entire rainbow or focus on yellow, orange, and red to represent the colors of the Sun.

3. Throw a Bonfire and Tell Stories

Whether you create a bonfire or use a fire pit, when the Sun finally begins to set, gather around the fire and share stories, myths, and personal tales. This activity fosters a sense of community and connection among guests, as well as a deeper appreciation for the ancient traditions of the solstice. The flickering flames and the sound of crackling wood add to the magical experience. (So do s’mores.)

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Bonfire

4. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items for guests to find, such as specific plants, flowers, rocks, or insects. This activity encourages participants of all ages to observe and appreciate the natural world around them. And, it can be done whether you’re in a park or your backyard. Live in the city? Consider visiting a botanical garden or lush rooftop!

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Scavenger Hunt

5. Set Up a Make Your Own Tea Bar

It might be a little warm for hot tea, but summer is prime for iced tea. Set up a make-your-own-tea bar by setting up different dried herbs and edible flowers (like chamomile and rose) and have friends make their own blends. You can use little jam jars for them to take home their creations.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Tea Bar

6. Potluck Cookout with Solstice-Themed Foods

Invite guests to bring dishes that highlight seasonal ingredients. Strawberries taste amazing right now and how good does a strawberry spritz sound? There’s also many fresh vegetables, herbs, and other fruits that make for fresh, mouthwatering dishes. (Need ideas? Here’s more than 50 Summer Solstice recipes.)

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Midsummer Potluck

7. Sun-Themed Face Painting

Add some play to your party by creating a face painting station. Paint designs of suns, stars, celestial patterns, or just abstract designs in the colors of the solstice. Guests can take turns painting each other’s faces. This activity is especially popular with children but can be enjoyed by adults as well.

Summer Solstice Face Painting

8. DIY Flower Crafts

It’s summer and so many pretty flowers are in bloom! Capture the moment by setting up a flower bar so guests can put together their own bouquets to wrap in kraft paper (or newspaper) and take home. You can find less expensive blooms at the flower market or farmer’s market in your neighborhood.

Or, create a flower-pressing station! Set out this easy-to-use flower press kit along with fresh flowers, herbs, and leaves. Guests can create their own pressed flower art, then once dry, shape it into bookmarks, cards, or framed pieces.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Pressing Flowers

9. Outdoor Movie Screening

An outdoor movie screening offers a relaxing and entertaining end to a summer solstice celebration. Set up a projector and screen in a garden or backyard, with cozy seating options like blankets and lawn chairs.

Choose films that celebrate nature, the sun, or summer to keep with the solstice theme. This activity is perfect for winding down the evening, allowing guests to enjoy a film under the stars.

Some ideas for movies include: Adventureland, Wet Hot American Summer, Dazed and Confused, Hot Summer Nights, Mamma Mia!, Call Me By Your Name, and Jurassic Park. You’ll probably want to skip Midsommar, though.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Outdoor Movie Screening

10. Sunrise Meditation

Sunrise meditation is a serene way to start the summer solstice with mindfulness and intention. If you have guests sleep over the night before, let them know you’ll be mediating with the sunrise to set positive intentions for the season ahead and ask if they’d like to join. Afterwards, enjoy a peaceful breakfast together.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Sunrise Meditation

11. Outdoor Dance Party

Set up a dance floor or dedicated dancing space in your garden or yard, with a portable speaker and playlist of lively, summer-inspired music. (Search for “summer playlists” on Spotify to find one that fits your crew.) Encourage guests to let loose and enjoy the rhythm of the music under the open sky.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - outdoor dance party

12. Homemade Lemonade Stand

At your party, set up a bar cart or stand with freshly squeezed lemonade and a variety of flavors and mix-ins, such as mint, berries, or lavender.

Guests can customize their drinks, creating a personalized and delicious refreshment. This activity is simple to organize and provides a delightful treat to keep everyone cool and hydrated. You can also add vodka, tequila, or non-alcoholic spirits to the cart if desired.

Get the gold cart below here on Amazon.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - gold bar cart

13. Decorate Your Altar for Litha

Decorating your altar for Litha, the pagan celebration of the summer solstice, is a meaningful and creative activity that you can do solo or you can ask guests to bring an offering to add to the altar. Use symbols of the sun, such as candles, sunflowers, and incenses that corresponds with the Sun, like cinnamon.

14. Sunset Picnic

Pack a basket with seasonal foods, a blanket, and perhaps a bottle of white wine or lemonade. Find a scenic spot to watch the sunset. This simple yet delightful activity allows for relaxation and appreciation of the long, warm evening.

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Outdoor Picnic

15. Sun-Themed Poetry Reading

Invite guests to read or recite poems of their own or those by famous poets that celebrate the sun, summer, or nature. Here is a collection of summer themed poetry from The Poetry Foundation. (Some poems not be appropriate for all ages.)

Summer Solstice Party Ideas - Poetry Book and Flowers