What Are the Tarot Cards for Your Zodiac Sign?

Tarot Cards for Zodiac Sign

There are many ways to use tarot cards. As meditation, as a way to try and divine the future, or as a way to give you a focus for the day or week. You might know that each card has many layers of meaning, but did you know that every card is connected to an astrological sign?

Within a tarot deck, there are 22 Major Arcana cards. The members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn associated each of these cards with either a planet, an element, or a zodiac sign. They also associated the Minor Arcana cards and court cards with an element and a zodiac sign, as you can see in the decan wheel below.

Tarot Cards for Zodiac Sign - colorful wheel
Illustration Credit: Astrology and Tarot


Why Do Certain Tarot Cards Correspond With Certain Zodiac Signs?

To answer this, let’s go back in time a bit. To help them measure time and eventually create their calendar, the Ancient Egyptians followed the movement of 36 small constellations they called decans.

Every hour during the night, one of these decans appeared on the horizon. And, about every 10 days, a new decan would appear in the sky.

Eventually, astrology made its way to Egypt and three decans were assigned to each astrology sign. Astrologists and others still use this concept to divide each sign into three equal parts, each 10 days in length.

You won’t see every Major Arcana tarot card is associated with an astrological sign. That’s because some are associated with elements or planets. More on that here.

Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings List

What Does This Have to Do with Tarot?

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn used this concept to combine the tarot with the zodiac.

They began with the first decan of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and matched it with the first wands card from the Minor Arcana. (Wands represent fire and Aries are a fire sign.)

They continued this way around the entire decan wheel, aligning the first three cards of a suit with the corresponding element’s cardinal sign. As a result:

  • 2, 3, 4s correspond to cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn)
  • 5, 6, 7s correspond to fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius)
  • 8, 9, 10s correspond to mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces)

Aces represent the most intense, purest version of the element. They are associated with all signs of that element. For example, the Ace of Cups is associated with all water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces).

Tarot Cards for Zodiac Sign - wheel with pages

This is the most commonly followed approach when it comes to combining the signs with the tarot. However, in your own research, you may also stumble upon the Tarot of the Bohemians, a text written by Gérard Encausse in 1889, which uses a different methodology.


The Court Cards and Astrology

Things get much more complicated with the court cards. In the Golden Dawn tradition, each of the court cards is tied to an element. This is in addition to the element of the suit.

  • Pages: Earth
  • Knights: Fire
  • Queens: Water
  • Kings: Air

But there’s another level, which the Hermit’s Mirror explains here. Essentially:

  • The Queens connect primarily to the cardinal element of a sign (Aries is the Queen of Wands, Cancer is the Queen of Cups)
  • The Knights connect primarily to the fixed element of a sign (Leo is the Knight of Wands, Scorpio is the Knight of Cups)
  • The Kings connect primarily to the mutable element of a sign (Sagittarius is the King of Wands, Pisces is the King of Cups)

Using this, the Golden Dawn were able to associate the Knights, Queens, and Kings with the signs.

Each court member corresponds to one decan of one sign and two decans of another. (For the purpose of the wheel, the Golden Dawn removed the Pages.)


How Do I Use The Correspondences in a Tarot Reading?

When doing a tarot reading, the astrological correspondences could be useful in a few ways. If a particular card keeps surfacing, it might be connected to a person born during that time.

Or, if you’re trying to find out when something will happen, the tarot could be letting you know that it will happen during the time associated with that particular card.


The Tarot Cards for Each Astrological Sign

Aries Tarot Cards

  • The Emperor (IV)
  • Queen of Wands — 1st and 2nd decan
  • Knight of Pentacles — 3rd decan
  • Two of Wands — 1st decan of Aries (March 21-30)
  • Three of Wands — 2nd decan of Aries (March 31-April 10)
  • Four of Wands — 3rd decan of Aries (April 11-20)


Taurus Tarot Cards

  • The Hierophant (V)
  • Knight of Pentacles — 1st and 2nd decan
  • Knight of Swords — 3rd decan
  • Five of Pentacles — 1st decan of Taurus (April 21-30)
  • Six of Pentacles — 2nd decan of Taurus (May 1-10)
  • Seven of Pentacles — 3rd decan of Taurus (May 11-20)


Gemini Tarot Cards

  • The Lovers (VI)
  • Knight of Swords — 1st and 2nd decan
  • Queen of Cups — 3rd decan
  • Eight of Swords — 1st decan of Gemini (May 21-31)
  • Nine of Swords — 2nd decan of Gemini (June 1-10)
  • Ten of Swords — 3rd decan of Gemini (June 11-20)


Cancer Tarot Cards

  • The Chariot (VII)
  • Queen of Cups — 1st and 2nd decan
  • Knight of Wands — 3rd decan
  • Two of Cups — 1st decan of Cancer (June 21-30)
  • Three of Cups — 2nd decan of Cancer (July 1-11)
  • Four of Cups — 3rd decan of Cancer (July 12-21)


Leo Tarot Cards

  • Strength (VIII)
  • Knight of Wands — 1st and 2nd decan
  • King of Pentacles — 3rd decan
  • Five of Wands — 1st decan of Leo (July 22-August 1)
  • Six of Wands — 2nd decan of Leo (August 2-11)
  • Seven of Wands — 3rd decan of Leo (August 12-22)


Virgo Tarot Cards

  • The Hermit (IX)
  • King of Pentacles — 1st and 2nd decan
  • Queen of Swords — 3rd decan
  • Eight of Pentacles — 1st decan of Virgo (August 23-September 1)
  • Nine of Pentacles — 2nd decan of Virgo (September 2-11)
  • Ten of Pentacles — 3rd decan of Virgo (September 12-22)


Libra Tarot Cards

  • Justice (XI)
  • Queen of Swords — 1st and 2nd decan
  • Knight of Cups — 3rd decan
  • Two of Swords — 1st decan of Libra (September 23-October 2)
  • Three of Swords — 2nd decan of Libra (October 3-12)
  • Four of Swords — 3rd decan of Libra (October 13-22)


Scorpio Tarot Cards

  • Death (XII)
  • Knight of Cups — 1st and 2nd decan
  • King of Wands — 3rd decan
  • Five of Cups — 1st decan of Scorpio (October 23-November 1)
  • Six of Cups — 2nd decan of Scorpio (November 2-12)
  • Seven of Cups — 3rd decan of Scorpio (November 13-22)


Sagittarius Tarot Cards

  • Temperance (XIV)
  • King of Wands — 1st and 2nd decan
  • Queen of Pentacles — 3rd decan
  • Eight of Wands — 1st decan of Sagittarius (November 23-December 2)
  • Nine of Wands — 2nd decan of Sagittarius (December 3-12)
  • Ten of Wands — 3rd decan of Sagittarius (December 13-21)


Capricorn Tarot Cards

  • The Devil (XV)
  • Queen of Pentacles — 1st and 2nd decan
  • Knight of Swords — 3rd decan
  • Two of Pentacles — 1st decan of Capricorn (December 22-30)
  • Three of Pentacles — 2nd decan of Capricorn (December 31-Jan 9)
  • Four of Pentacles — 3rd decan of Capricorn (January 10-19)


Aquarius Tarot Cards

  • The Star (XVII)
  • Knight of Swords — 1st and 2nd decan
  • King of Cups — 3rd decan
  • Five of Swords — 1st decan of Aquarius (January 20-29)
  • Six of Swords – 2nd decan of Aquarius (January 30-February 8)
  • Seven of Swords — 3rd decan of Aquarius (February 9-18)


Pisces Tarot Cards

  • The Moon (XVIII)
  • King of Cups — 1st and 2nd decan
  • Queen of Wands — 3rd decan
  • Eight of Cups — 1st decan of Pisces (February 19-28)
  • Nine of Cups — 2nd decan of Pisces (March 1-10)
  • Ten of Cups — 3rd decan of Pisces (March 11-20)


The Corresponding Signs for the Major Arcana

Tarot Card
The Emperor (IV) Aries
The Hierophant (V) Taurus
The Lovers (VI) Gemini
The Chariot (VII) Cancer
Strength (VII) Leo
The Hermit (IX) Virgo
Justice (XI) Libra
Death (XIII) Scorpio
Temperance (XIV) Sagittarius
The Devil (XV) Capricorn
The Star (XVII) Aquarius
The Moon (XVIII) Pisces


The Corresponding Signs for the Minor Arcana

Tarot Card Sign
2 of Wands Aries – 1st Decan
3 of Wands Aries – 2nd Decan
4 of Wands Aries — 3rd Decan
5 of Wands Leo – 1st Decan
6 of Wands Leo – 2nd Decan
7 of Wands Leo – 3rd Decan
8 of Wands Sagittarius – 1st Decan
9 of Wands Sagittarius – 2nd Decan
10 of Wands Sagittarius – 3rd Decan
2 of Cups Cancer – 1st Decan
3 of Cups Cancer – 2nd Decan
4 of Cups Cancer – 3rd Decan
5 of Cups Scorpio – 1st Decan
6 of Cups Scorpio – 2nd Decan
7 of Cups Scorpio – 3rd Decan
8 of Cups Pisces – 1st Decan
9 of Cups Pisces – 2nd Decan
10 of Cups Pisces – 3rd Decan
2 of Swords Libra – 1st Decan
3 of Swords Libra – 2nd Decan
4 of Swords Libra – 3rd Decan
5 of Swords Aquarius – 1st Decan
6 of Swords Aquarius – 2nd Decan
7 of Swords Aquarius – 3rd Decan
8 of Swords Gemini – 1st Decan
9 of Swords Gemini – 2nd Decan
10 of Swords Gemini – 3rd Decan
2 of Pentacles Capricorn – 1st Decan
3 of Pentacles Capricorn – 2nd Decan
4 of Pentacles Capricorn – 3rd Decan
5 of Pentacles Taurus – 1st Decan
6 of Pentacles Taurus – 1st Decan
7 of Pentacles Taurus – 3rd Decan
8 of Pentacles Virgo – 1st Decan
9 of Pentacles Virgo – 2nd Decan
10 of Pentacles Virgo – 3rd Decan


Aces and Their Signs

Tarot Card
Ace of Wands Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Ace of Cups Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Ace of Swords Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Ace of Pentacles Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

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    1. For example, I was born on July 20th. In this case, according to the list, I would not be Queen of Hearts, because I was born in the last decade of Cancer, so would I be the Knight of Wands?

  1. I noticed there are 4 signs, Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus, and Gemini associated with the Knight of Swords, and there are no signs listed for the King of Swords, is this accurate or could there be a typo? I am still learning so insight would be helpful

      1. Vous expliquez tellement bien que je ne sais quels mots employés pour vous qualifier . Merci beaucoup beaucoup et beaucoup…. Je vais vous rejoindre d’ici peu . Encore merci !

        1. You are both correct :) We now know that the Sun is not a planet, but a star. The Moon is also not a planet, but a satellite of Earth.

          However, early astronomers and astrologists did not know this. The seven classical planets (sometimes called the Chaldean Order of Planets) used in Babylonia, Ancient Greece, and in other places around the globe are those that could be seen without a telescope. These include the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. We still use these planets for magic and astrology today.

          (You can read more about them here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_planet)

  2. I love your page, thank you so much for organizing this information into presentable tables and easy to understand format. I noticed Gemini lists Knight of Swords (3rd decan). I believe it’s supposed to be King of Swords (at least according to the wheel graphics you have included). Thanks again for doing what you do and in helping share information about the fields of astrology and tarot. I am forever grateful! Blessings!

    1. Hi,
      I’m Gemini, May 29th and the swords are mostly negative cards, imo. I get the 8 of swords a lot in my readings and it’s a bummer card. I wonder if it’s because of the Gemini or it’s just my attitude. I don’t want to read my cards wrong. How do I know when they are referring to astrology or situations?

      1. Heidi, what a good question. The answer is, it depends. The art of reading tarot is a blend of knowing the card meanings and trusting your intuition to guide you. I don’t think you’re reading the cards wrong, but sometimes you’ll think back to a prior reading and understanding more of what was presented once you live into a situation.

        There are a couple different ways to read each of the minor arcana cards, not including the court cards. (The Rider-Waite deck or Thoth deck are particularly useful for all of this stuff.)
        – Literally: are you literally experiencing the situation depicted in the card?
        – Metaphorically: based on the card’s traditional meaning, what is the card trying to tell you? What could you learn from this?
        – Esoterically: In the Rider-Waite (and Thoth deck), there are hidden esoteric meanings throughout. Google the esoteric meaning for your card and see if any of this resonates with you (it may or may not, hence why we try and look at the cards in different ways.)
        – Astrologically – what decan or element does this card connect to? Do you know someone in this decan? How might they be operating like this?
        – Holistically – overall, what is the meaning of the reading? If you zoom out, what messages are you seeing?

        Try one of those approaches when looking at the cards. I might be missing some, but I just woke up. :)

        I totally agree with you that the swords are generally bummer cards. But, when it comes to the 8 of swords, it’s a really good reminder to not let your own mind trap you with anxiety, worry, or unhelpful thoughts. Are there mental ruts you’ve been getting stuck in? How can you challenge those ideas (i.e. untie your own blindfold) and step out and around the swords? I personally struggle with this one often, so I get it.

  3. Why am I so confused??!!! Deep down I feel like I know this stuff so well but then I look at something like this and it’s like blah blah speaking another language from another planet

  4. I don’t see the Sun listed in the THE CORRESPONDING SIGNS FOR THE MAJOR ARCANA
    Which zodiac sign does The Sun represent?

    1. I didn’t see The Empress or High Priestess, either… quite a few “major cards” with NO information? Not even planets connected to them? Strange…

  5. Interesting. Long ago I matched up the Tarot Cards to Astrological signs. I’ll have to dig that out and compare. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! All Blessings.

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