White Candle Meanings: When Should You Burn One?

The white candle’s meanings are associated with protection, divinity, healing, meditation, purity, and more. When should you burn one?


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  • The white candle represents protection, healing, connection with the higher self or the divine, unity, and harmony.
  • Burn white candles on Mondays, the day of the Moon, and the goddess Diana.

White candles are one of the most popular candles. They’re found in many homes because they simply look pretty, and they’re used in many different types of rituals and ceremonies, from weddings to circle casting. And, of course, for candle magic.

I’ll explore the white candle’s meanings, what spells or intentions you can use one for, and where those associations originated.

The Meanings of White Candles

According to The Wicca Spellbook by Gerina Dunwitch, you can use white candles for “consecration rituals, meditation, divination, exorcism, and spells the involve healing, clairvoyance, truth, peace, spiritual strength, and lunar energy.”

Practically, white candles can be substituted for any color candle when you’re doing candle magic because they’re generally the most available.

But, there’s more to it than that. We interpret the color of opaque objects (like candles), by the wavelength they absorb and re-emit back most strongly. This is a process known as scattering.

White candles absorb and re-emit all wavelengths of light equally. So, from a spiritual  perspective, white really can represent any shades of the rainbow in your candle work. And, the physics align with the white candle’s meanings (protection, summoning divine energy, opening blocked roads, etc.) as well. White Candle Meaning

You Can Burn a White Candle:

  • To calm the mind in times of crisis and anxiety
  • To bring about harmony, balance, tranquility and relaxation
  • For protection or purification against negative energies
  • To seek truth and sincerity
  • To help bring about peace and unity
  • For renewal
  • To open blocked roads
  • To connect with the feminine divinity or the Moon
  • To connect with your higher self
  • To give gratitude
  • To summon your spirit guides
  • To tap into creativity
  • To help promote healing during a protection ritual

When Could You Use a White Candle? 

This is by no means a full list, but here are some occasions when you could burn a white candle.

If you want to give thanks or gratitude.

If you are feeling stressed and you want assistance finding peace and hope.

When you want to connect with your higher self, spirit guides, or the messages of the Universe.

If you want a fresh start and are ready to remove barriers and move forward. It’s said burning a white candle on the first day of the month, week, or year may help with this.

When you want to do moon magic and connect with lunar energy or feminine divine energy such as that associated with Isis or Diana. In Wicca, white represents the Goddess, so if you are trying to embody the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, a white candle would be a good candle to burn.

If you are looking to spiritually cleanse your home from negative energies or to magically protect yourself or your space.

When things have been a little rocky, and you desire to you clear the air. White candles may enhance the tranquility, relaxation, and harmony within your home.

During a handfasting wedding ceremony as a symbol of the purity of your love.

If you can’t find the right color candle for your candle magic spell.  Can’t find a pink candle? Swap in a white one. White, like the blank tile in Scrabble, is the universal color you can swap in.

What Day Should You Burn a White Candle?

You can burn white candles on any day of the week, but their effect is strongest on Mondays. That’s because we associate white candles with the Moon, and Mondays are moon days. (Monday, lunedi, lunes, and lundi all translate to mean moon day.)

Where Do these Meanings Come From?

From doctors’ white coats and bridal gowns to Senatorial togas and ceremonial robes to togas, white often represents purity, divinity, or protection.

These associations go at least as far back as Ancient Egypt, where white (hedj) was the color of “purity, sacredness, cleanliness, and simplicity.” The Ancient Egyptians associated the color white with the protector goddess Isis who was a magical healer, mother, and mourner.

The Ancient Greeks associated white with mother’s milk and with Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, fertility, and chastity. The Romans did as well, though they called her Diana. And, in Ancient Rome, priests and priestesses wore white, and all Roman adults wore white togas for ceremonial occasions.

More White Candle Connections

  • Numerology: 1 2,5,7,9
  • Chakra: Crown
  • Gods: Isis, Artemis, Diana, Luna, the Triple Goddess
  • Planet: Moon
  • Day: Monday
  • Element: Air
  • Direction: East


Candle Magic Tips

  • Never leave a candle burning unattended. Extinguish the candle before leaving the room or going to sleep.
  • Before beginning your spell, take a moment to meditate and set your intention before lighting the candle so that your ask is clear.
  • Are looking to increase or attract? Then begin your candle magic on Monday just after the last new moon.
  • If you are looking to remove or lessen, begin your candle magic on the Monday just after the most recent full moon.

White Candle Meaning