Your Ultimate Witchy Digital Planner Is Now In Our Shop

If you’ve been looking for a journal, this is it.

Witchy Digital Planner

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Every year, when back-to-school time came around, there was perhaps nothing I loved more than picking out new notebooks for my classes and a new planner. I’m no longer in school, but I still get that feeling around the end of the year when I get to choose a new witchy planner to help me stay organized for the next year.

I’ve ordered plenty of pretty planners over the years, but I’ve never found one that had all the bells and whistles and witchy stuff that I needed. So, I decided to make one with the help of a designer. For the last few months, we’ve been crafting an undated witchy digital planner that works for your iPad or tablet.

And, it’s now available in our shop. Click here to check it out.

What’s Included In the Witchy Digital Planner?

So much stuff.
Whether you call it a grimoire, a book of shadows, or a journal, I created this planner to help guide you in your magical practice, and to help you release blockages that are in the way of you becoming your highest, most powerful self.

It’s meant for witches, magicians, manifestors, and anyone else looking to connect deeper with themselves and the world around them.
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You can get it here.
Witchy Digital Planner - monthly intentions

The undated witchy digital planner includes:

  • More than 500 pages to help you step into your highest, most powerful self (and stay organized while doing it)
  • Monthly and yearly vision boards and reflection pages
  • An in-depth dream journal to help you track and interpret your dreams
  • Meanings for all 78 tarot cards
  • Prompts for your Full Moon and New Moon rituals
  • A daily planner that includes a space to set intentions, make a gratitude list, note the Moon cycle, use blocks to organize your time, and a “must to” vs “nice to get to” task list so you can prioritize your day.
  • Tarot pull journals with prompts to guide you
  • An herb tracker so you can keep a library of herbs you find
  • A crystal journals to keep track of your stone and crystal collection
  • A spell journal for you to plan your rituals
  • Blank pages for you to fill in with notes, ideas, drawings, spells, intentions, and more
  • 150+ digital stickers including many witchy sticker designs


Witchy Digital Planner - alternative covers

What Do I Need To Use the Witchy Planner?

You’ll need an iPad or tablet that uses a stylus or pen that’s compatible with the PDF annotating program you’re using. It will not work properly on a phone.

The witchy journal includes a lot of prompts and space for writing or drawing, so you’ll want the ability to write in it.

What Programs Can I Use This Digital Planner With?

Any program that works with a stylus and allows you to annotate PDFs. Such as:

GoodNotes is my personal preference as it’s free to use for the iPad as long as you’re only using up to three notebooks (each planner counts as one). They charge for their Android and Windows versions, but at the moment they’re still the least expensive option.

If you need a stylus, you can order one for an iPad here.

Witchy Digital Planner
Witchy Digital Planner - magical templates


If you’re having trouble getting to the files, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure you are downloading the files onto an iPad or a laptop. Not your phone. They will not download onto your phone.
  • Make sure you are using the planner on an iPad, tablet, or other device that uses a stylus other than a phone. Unfortunately, it will not work properly on your phone.