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What Is the Pagan Grimoire?

An online school for witchcraft, tarot, and magic.

Within these walls, you’ll find:


An encyclopedic grimoire

We cover all elements of witchcraft, tarot, and magic. This includes how to cast spells, how to read tarot, a guide to all the tarot card meanings, how to set up an altar, how to celebrate the Sabbats, and so much more.


A community coven

Community is important. As humans, we have not only have need to belong, but also to be seen and appreciated as our authentic selves. The online forum is a place for magicians, witches, and all of those interested to share ideas, ask questions, make friends, and find community.

You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


An online shop for supplies

We wouldn’t exactly be your ultimate witchy resource without a shoppe would we? Our store is stocked with ritual tools and home decor, journals to use as your book of shadows, and aesthetic witchy apparel so you can dress in a way that reflects your spirit.

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Who Founded the Pagan Grimoire?


I’m Rebecca Swanner, a journalist and witch who grew up outside Detroit, Michigan. I’ve been practicing witchcraft for 30 years. I’ve studied with some of the best teachers in Los Angeles and New York City and traveled the world to explore the esoteric.

I launched the Pagan Grimoire in 2020 as I wanted to create an online space for well-researched content about the esoteric. There are other incredible writers and witchy creators out there, but there’s also a lot of content that feels like it’s been through a game of telephone.

I began my career in publishing as a fact-checker for magazines, so I can’t help but want to publish factually-sound content.

Whether or not you believe in magic (and if you’re here, I have a feeling you do), we strive to support our content with historical documents and writings. These serve not just to give more academic weight to our content, but also provide you with a thru-line to the history of magic.

You can follow me on Twitter, though I posts more often on Instagram.

And so it is.

We pay it forward.

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