11 Gift Ideas Geminis Will Love

From reversible pillows to art prints, we’ve got you covered.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas

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Geminis get a bad rep. Whether or not they deserve it, of course depends on the particular Gemini in question! Those that fall under the sign of the Twins were born between May 21 and June 20th, according to tropical astrology, which means their birthday is coming up soon.

If you’ve got a Gemini in your life and you’re not sure what to get your favorite Twin, here’s a Gemini gift guide. It’s full of holiday or birthday gift ideas for him or her.


11 Gemini Gift Ideas

1. The Lovers Phone Case

Geminis are an air sign ruled by Mercury and known for their communication skills. Which means they’re probably often on their phone. Get them this phone case featuring their Major Arcana tarot card, the Lovers.
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - The Lovers Tarot Card Phone Case


2. Gemini Zodiac Sign Ring

Gemini rules the chest, arms, and hands, so why not get your Gem this pretty golden ring? Subtle? No. Pretty? Yes.
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - Gold Ring


3. Birth Stone Ring

Or, if that’s not quite their style, perhaps this ring featuring one of their birth stones, the moonstone.
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - Moonstone Ring


4. Two Faced Eye Shadow Palette

Geminis are known for being two sided, or at least, having a dualistic nature. This eye shadow palette from Two Faced will suit their many moods.
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - Two Faced Palette


5. Gemini Art Print

This pretty print featuring the Twins constellation by Emanuela Carratoni would make a lovely addition to almost any room.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - Art Print


6. Tarot Card Pendant

If your friend or partner isn’t so into rings, might I suggest this tarot card pendant instead?
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - The Lovers Necklace


7. Kimono Wrap Dress

This airy kimono dress is perfect for breezing from one conversation to the next at their next home salon. Also, it’s literally named after them.
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - Kimono Wrap


8. Reversible Gemini Sequin Pillow

Sure, you’ve seen reversible pillows of Nicolas Cage’s face, but did you know they also made them for astrology signs? Now you know.
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - Reversible Pillow


9. Mirrored Art Print

One can never have too much art.  (Says the person with almost no remaining wall space.)
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - Twins Art Print


10. Birthday Card

You’re gonna need to get them a card. This is a cute one.
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - Squirrel Birthday Card


11. Birthday Month Journal

Help your air sign stay grounded with this pretty customized journal for their most brilliant thoughts. Choose Hawthorne (May) or Rose (June) if you want to get them one featuring their birth flower.
Gemini Zodiac Sign Gift Ideas - Journal