25 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Witches

These are sure to surprise and delight.

Gifts for Witches

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If you’ve got a witch in your life, there’s a good chance they love collecting crystals, candles, twigs, and all sorts of things to fill their sacred space. But when it comes to gifts for witches, you might be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options.

That’s where we come in, with this handy guide to some of the best witchy gifts you can find online. From pretty mugs and journals to spell kits, these make magical ideas for the witch in your life… even if that witch is you.

And, if you’re still feeling stuck after scrolling our guide, simply gift your favorite witch a new tarot card deck.

Magical Gift Ideas for Witches

1. Moon Child Leatherette Book Clutch Bag, $58

This out-of-this-world clutch is a great place for a bookish witch to stow her emotional support crystals when she heads out on the town. This Book of Spells one is pretty cool too.
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Gifts for Witches - Celestial Book Purse

2. Kitchen Witch Engraved Bamboo Spoon Set

For the kitchen witch who loves to stir up magic on the stovetop, these spoons are a gorgeous and useful gift they’ll reach for every time they brew up a potion.
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Gifts for Witches - Carved Wooden Spoons

3. Large Cat in Moon Earrings, $32

Black cats are the ultimate familiar, and these earrings combine this witchy companion with the magic of the moon for a gift that’s sheer purrfection.
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Gifts for Witches - Black Cat and Moon Earrings

4. Night Owl Earrings

If your witch is more into owls than cats, these gold-plated earrings with sparkly crescent moons will make them light up. What better to wear with their coven in the forest?
Get them at Little Rooms
Gifts for Witches - Night Owl Earrings

5. Tarot-Inspired The Coffee Fridge Magnet

If you’re in need of witchy stocking stuffers this year, this fridge magnet featuring coffee in place of the Sun card in the Major Arcana brings together two of our favorite things–coffee and witchcraft.
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Gifts for Witches - Coffee Tarot Card Magnet

6. The Ultimate Witchy Planner, $21

If you know a witch that looks to be a bit more organized (even if that witch is you), this digital planner that includes a dream journal, space to record their tarot card pulls, monthly intention setting pages, and much more is perfect.

If they are more analog, print a copy and put it into a three-ring binder for them with one of the pretty covers.
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Gifts for Witches - Witch Planner

7. Lunar Moth Shelf, $70

This intricate lunar moth shelf with lights is great for cottagecore witches who want a little more shelf space. Well, technically, two more shelf spaces.
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Gifts for Witches - Lunar Moth Shelf

8. Crystal Ball Table Mirror, $58

Whether they’ll use it for scrying or working on a little glamour magic, this stylish crystal ball mirror brings the perfect vibes for any witch’s decor.
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Gifts for Witches - Crystal Ball Desk Mirror

9. Three-Headed Snake Ear Cuff

If the witch in your life identifies as a Slytherin or has an affinity for snakes, this silver ear cuff will be their new favorite accessory.
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Gifts for Witches - Snake Earring Cuff

10. Llewellyn’s 2024 Witch’s Calendar

This calendar, specifically designed to track all the witchy happenings throughout the year, is a great way to help your favorite witch stay in touch with significant dates to plan their magical life. It also includes spells and gardening tips to help you have more of a green thumb next year.
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Gifts for Witches - 2024 Witches Calendar

11. Introverted But Willing to Discuss Witchcraft Tote, $25

The less chatty witch in your life will thank you for helping them announce the one topic they’re willing to discuss with anyone with this spot-on tote. Oooh look, a dog to pet!
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Gifts for Witches - Tote Bag

12. Witch’s Starter Box, $32

This witch kit has a little bit of everything, perfect to help your favorite witch restock their magic supplies or to help get a beginner witch started with setting up their altar.
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Gifts for Witches - Spell Starter Kit

13. Fortune Necklace

This palmistry-inspired necklace is ideal for the glam witch. And you. Really want to splurge on them? There’s earrings to match.
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Gifts for Witches - Fortune Palmistry Necklace

14. Book of Spells Ornament

Add an extra sprinkle of magic to their Yule tree with this adorable spellbook ornament.
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Gifts for Witches - Book of Spells Ornament

15. Hanging Crystal and Crescent Moon Charm

Perfect for bringing a little magic to a witch’s rearview mirror, this charm comes with a variety of crystal combinations that you can customize to make it the perfect gift for the moment. It goes great as a car decoration, but they can hang it just about anywhere.
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Gifts for Witches - Crystal Hanger

16. Witchful Thinking Enamel Pin, $5

Invite your witchy friends to engage in some puns with this adorable enamel pin that they can add to their favorite outfit or that tote bag above.
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Gifts for Witches - Witchful Thinking Pun Pin

17. Personalized Leather Journal With Phases of the Moon, $22

Every witch needs her Book of Shadows. This gorgeous leather-bound journal would be the perfect place to write down her magical workings and intentions for every phase of the moon.
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Gifts for Witches - Moon Journal

18. The Witch Tarot Glass Cup with Lid, $17

Whether they’re sipping on moon water or just trying to stay hydrated, busy witches need a go-to drinking vessel. This glass features a bamboo lid, straw, and gorgeous tarot-inspired art to show off their witchy vibes.
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Gifts for Witches - Witch Coffee Cup

19. Wooden Wand with Amethyst, $17

Every witch needs a wand, and these decorated wooden wands with a raw amethyst tip are a great altar addition and tool for focusing energy.
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Gifts for Witches - Amethyst Wands

20. Lunar Calendar Phase Poster for 2024, $30

This calendar charts out the moon phases for the entire year, making them a beautiful and useful wall hanging for your favorite witch.
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Gifts for Witches - Moon Phase Calendar

21. Witch Bells, $15

These lovely handmade witch bells are a great decor item that doubles as a dose of house magic. The tinkling sounds are said to banish negative energy so anyone who steps into their home leaves those bad vibes at the door. They’re also great for representing the element of Air on an altar.
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Gifts for Witches - Bells

22. Witchy Planchette Earrings, $12

These adorable earrings are shaped like the planchette from a spirit board, making them the perfect combination of cute and spooky.
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Gifts for Witches - Planchette Earrings

23. Wooden Tarot Card Altar Stand

This wooden stand is perfect for tarot lovers, with a slot to hold their daily card pulls and space for crystals and candles to round out the vibes.
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Gifts for Witches - Tarot Card and Crystal Holder

24. Ghost Kitty Candle, $14

This adorably spooky candle will bring a dose of cuteness and ghostly vibes to any witch’s space. Don’t bother with matches to go with this one, because who could possibly burn this sweet kitty cat?
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Gifts for Witches - Cat Candle

25. Witch’s Advent Calendar, $45

Even though this could be related to Christmas it technically works for any month. This advent calendar is full of little magical goodies that your witchy friend can spread out over 12 days or 24 days.
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Gifts for Witches - Tarot Advent Calendar

26. Ceramic Celestial Coffee Mug, $21

This gorgeous mug is covered with gold constellations, suns, and moons, making it a magical way to start your day with coffee or tea. It also comes with a crystal and a Tarot message, giving it a little extra touch.
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Gifts for Witches - Astrology Mug

27. Spirit Board Woven Blanket, $45

Keep your favorite witch cozy with this spirit board-inspired woven blanket. It makes a great decor addition or a snuggly spot to curl up during the colder months.
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Gifts for Witches - Ouija Board Blanket

28. Glow in the Dark Ghost Earrings, $15

There’s something magic about glow-in-the-dark things, and these Beetlejuice-inspired ghost earrings get even cooler when the lights go out.
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Gifts for Witches - Beetlejuice Ghost Earrings