How a Green Candle Can Invite More Abundance Into Your World

Green Candle Meaning

• The green candle’s meanings are associated with abundance, money magic, fertility, prosperity, and luck.
• Burn green candles on Friday, the day associated with Venus.

The meanings of Green candles are tied to the qualities of Venus. Though we commonly associate Venus with love, she also governs fertility and abundance, which is why she oversees candle magic for spells related to money or prosperity.

Green Candle Meaning

If you’re looking to bring in more money, improve your luck, or possibly make a situation (or yourself) more fertile, burn a green candle. (And of course, if you can, do some earthly or practical work towards those intentions.)

If you work with chakras, the green candle is said to help open or unblock the heart chakra.

When Should You Burn a Green Candle?

Burn green candles on Fridays, the day of Venus. Her energy is not like her brother Mars. She’s receptive and inviting. In the tarot deck, Venus is represented by the Empress card within the Major Arcana.

This also means that green candle spells are likely to move a bit slower than that spells done with red candles. So, if you’re lighting one to increase your overall abundance, luck, or money, try and be patient and let the magic do its work. (If you’re curious how to perform a candle spell, this is how I do my candle manifestations.)

Green Candle Meaning - Two Candles Wrapped Stars

You can use a green candle to help: create more abundance, bring in money, aid in luck-drawing spells, reduce jealousy, help with success, growth, renewal, and working with nature. Green spells may also assist with reconciliation, affection, and fidelity.

Essentially, anytime you want to bring in more of something that ties to the heart, prosperity, or abundance, a green candle would be considered a good choice.

Green candles can also be used to help you get more in balance if you’re feeling stressed, impatient, or energetically out of control, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Some witches believe you can use dark green candles to communicate with Nature and light green ones to talk to the fairies.


Green Candle Meaning - Lush Forest Path

Why Is Green the Color of Abundance and Prosperity?

Stop and look around for a moment. Well, maybe go outside first. Almost everything that is growing is green, isn’t it? The plants that are thriving are usually green in color, so it’s no surprise that we associate the color green with fertility and abundance.

When a good harvest meant more money, fertile soil was important, and green is the color of the fertile earth. So, it’s no surprise that in today’s era, we’ve maintained the association between green and luck and green and money.

One thing to keep in mind when burning a candle for financial abundance: Make sure when setting your intention you make the “how” very clear. I’ve read stories of people ending up with sudden inheritances when asking for financial help. If you want your boss to give you a raise or you want to find a new job that you find more fulfilling that pays you more, ask for that.


Green Candle Meaning - The Birth of Venus by Botticelli

Why Do We Burn Green Candles on Fridays?

There’s a reason the Cure have a song called “Friday I’m in Love.” And it’s not just because it’s the weekend. It’s because we associate Friday with Venus.

In Latin, Friday was known as dies Veneris or Venus’s Day. The day’s name has persisted in the modern romance languages. Friday in Spanish is viernes, in Italian it’s venerdì, and in French, vendredi.

But, what about the English word for Friday? That comes from the Old English Frīġedæġ meaning day of Frige. Frigg was the Old Norse goddess of fertility and marriage.

Green Candle Associations:

Numerology: 4, 7
Chakra: Heart
Astrology: Taurus, Libra
Angel: Raphael
Gods: Venus
Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Element: Earth
Stones: Emerald, Malachite


Candles You Could Use

I prefer to purchase candles locally, but if you don’t have a shop near you to support, here are some green candles you could try.

Unscented Beeswax Candles
Green Candle Meaning - Beeswax


7-Day Pillar Candle
Green Candle Meaning - Pillar


Hand-Poured Green Soy Candle
Green Candle Meaning - Soy Candle

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  1. This info was so helpful in understanding an inter-pint my daughters dream she had last night. The dream had frighten her and after reading this info that I all ready knew she felt a big relief an not scared adopt it any more. I’m so glad I found your web site an have added this to my browser an excited to read more. Thank you so much. Kathi

  2. I see message from people that you help my wish is that I could win the lottery to help people and buy myself a home to live I been struggling to pay bills I hope you can give me some luck

  3. I love everything about this green candle🤗🤗thanks to you for shearing this with us; I never knew of all this colors candle has great power 😊😊 I don’t much appreciate 🙏🏻🙏🏻.

    But please while burning the candle must we be there before it burned fully? And again must we Finnish one candle for one pray?😊😊😊

  4. I just found your site, absolutely loved this informative article. Taught me so much, I am looking to do an abundance candle spell and everything you wrote was perfect for what I am looking to do. Thank you so much, so grateful.

  5. Hi there! I’ve been burning a medium green candle for about 3-4 hours and it seems as though only the tip has melted. It may be that it is old and it is a tall candle that has to go into a candle holder, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! The intent is abundance with money. Thank you!

  6. Thank you for this article. It was very informative and will be in search of dark green candles as they are hard to find. Will probably have to go to a “yerberia” to find one
    I’m Hispanic and now know why Friday is called “viernes”
    Thank you so much and look forward to more articles such as this

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad it was helpful. I added some links to ones available online if you can’t find them in the stores. More candle color articles coming! Is there anything else you’d like to know about?

  7. I found this article to be very informative and look forward to Friday night’s meditation and candle burning at my altar thank you

    1. You’re welcome! If you’re welcoming in abundance, you might want to wait until the moon is in the waxing phase (after the new moon). Right now, you could use it to clear blocks or obstacles since the moon is in the waning phase.

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