25 Meaningful Leo Tattoos To Consider If You Fall Under This Fire Sign

For your bold inner lion.

Leo Tattoos

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Summer is Leo season. Say what you will about the other astrology signs, there’s no sign that roars more “it’s summertime” that the mighty Leo. And that’s not just because they’re literally parading around the pool announcing it every five minutes. Though that does help. These Leo tattoos might too.

If your birthday falls between July 23rd and August 23rd you are a Leo in tropical astrology.

What does this mean? Well, according to astrology, you’re bold, daring, fearless, and very charismatic. Some famous Leos include Madonna, Chris Hemsworth, Dua Lipa, and Jason Momoa. Not only do all of them fit that bill, they all have some pretty cool tattoos.

What Could A Leo Tattoo Include?

If you’re looking to get a meaningful tattoo to represent Leo, here are a few elements you might want to consider including:

  • A lion: the creature that represents the zodiac sign.
  • Leo glyph: The curvy Leo symbol represents the head, body, and tail of the lion.
  • Leo constellation: The constellation of Leo represents the Nemean lion that Hercules slayed as part of his twelve labors.
  • The Sun: The Sun is the celestial body that rules over the sign of Leo.
  • The Strength Card: Within the tarot, the Strength card corresponds to Leo.
  • Fire or Fire Element: Leo is a fixed fire sign, so this would be fitting to incorporate.

Leo Symbol - Lion

25 Leo Tattoos With Meaning

1. Leo Tattoo

Fildza inked this delicate work and managed to incorporate the Leo symbol, constellation, and an image of a lion without making it feel busy.

Leo Tattoos - linework
Photo Credit: @dejamort_tattoo

2. Strength Card Leo Tattoo

Olivia Leigh specializes in bold, old-school style black-and-grey ink work and . She also tattoos a lot of scorpions for all you Scorpios out there looking for ideas. This one features her own take on the Strength card from the tarot’s Major Arcana.

Leo Tattoos - strength card
Photo Credit: @olivialeigh.tattoo

3. Leo Woman Tattoo

This stunning colorful artwork by artist Lilian Raya integrates the Leo glyph, the bright summery color of yellow as well as a nod to the lioness.


4. Lion Tattoo

This fierce portrait of a lion by Eder Galdino doesn’t have to be for a Leo, but it doesn’t have to not not be either. Is that how double negatives work? Do we need more coffee?

Leo Tattoos - lion
Photo Credit: @edergaldinotattoo

5. Crowned Leo Tattoo

If you want people to remember who the real king of the jungle is, this tattoo should by Debi do it.

Leo Tattoos - lion with crown
Photo Credit: @debi__real

6. Leo Constellation

Simple. Pretty. You also might be explaining what it is for the rest of time.


7. Leo Symbol and Arrow

Are you a Sagittarius Moon or rising? Consider this tattoo inspo by tattoo artist May which combines the Leo glyph with an arrow, perhaps for the archer.

Leo Tattoos - glyph with arrow
Photo Credit: @ink_by.m

8. Leo Couple Tattoos

If you and your partner (or bestie) are both Leos, consider getting matching Leo tattoos. Design by Rianne Farrow.

Leo Tattoos - couple tattoos
Photo Credit: @rianne_tattoos

9. Strength Card Tattoo

There’s no struggle in this sweet design of the Strength card by Shannon Wolf.

Leo Tattoos - sweet strength card
Photo Credit: @shannonwolftattoo

10. Roaring Lion Tattoo

There’s one thing we know: We don’t want to come across this lion at night in the jungle. Or, probably in the day either. Impressive tattoo work by Vinicius Lisboa.


11. Leo Coverup Tattoo

Now, this is a great coverup. Sure, your Marni one looks splendid too. Work by Hawk Tattoo.


12. Floral Leo Glyph Tattoo

Grace did a lovely job creating this pretty shoulder tattoo that combines flowers, the Leo constellation, and the Leo glyph.


13. Linework and a Lion

This tattoo by Andrey Marques isn’t explicitly a Leo tattoo, but that’s one fearsome lion.


14. Black and Grey Strength Tattoo

We’re floored by this black and grey floral Strength tattoo by Lucie that focuses on the lion’s face. For all you tarot fans, IYKYK.


15. Planetary Leo Tattoo

This delicate space-age Leo tattoo incorporates many of the 7 Chaldean planets, though strangely enough, not the Sun.


16. Lion Woman Ink

Is it a woman? Is it a lion? Is it a Sphinx? Whatever this colorful tattoo is, it’s probably not Superman.


17. Space Leo Tattoo

This (literally) out there tattoo is a glimpse into what’s beyond. Though, we don’t think there are actually lions in space.


18. Leo Flower Tattoo

This combination of Leo’s glyph with a flower is a pretty tattoo idea. We tried figuring out what flower that is, but our plant identifying app is having none of it. (We do know that it is not a sunflower.)


19. Old School

Here kitty kitty. Don’t bite. Here’s a steak… and a mirror. And a giant party to distract you.


20. Behind the Ear Tattoo

Ephemeral is known for their tattoos that only last a few years, so if you’re looking for something that’ll fade (on purpose) over time, check them out.


21. Neo Traditional Tattoo

This floral neo-traditional tattoo combines the delicateness of Leo’s constellation with an homage to the moon.


22. Floral Leo Constellation Tattoo

We’d love to tell you what flowers those are surrounding the constellation, but we got a D in botany.


23. Aquarius and Leo Tarot Card Tattoos

This tarot card tattoo is a fun way to get matching tattoos with your Aquarius friend or other half or show off your rising sign.


24. Fire Sign

For a Leo tattoo that literally within the fire sign, here’s some ink inspo.


25. Medieval Tattoo

One day we’ll figure out how to spell that without the help of spellcheck. Until then, here’s a unique Leo tattoo that looks like it’s been plucked directly out of a Medieval bestiary.