Want Your Spell to Work? Planetary Magick Might Be The Key

Amplify your intentions using the power of the planets.

Planetary Magick Planets

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When it comes to whether or not a spell will work, there are a number of factors at play. Are you focused on your intention? Can you visualize your outcome? Can you stop doubt from creeping in?

But, one that you might not have considered is: Are you working with planetary magick?

If you want your spell or intention to have the best shot of success, I highly recommend you work with the planets. Luckily, there’s an app for this to make it easy.

What Is Planetary Magick?

Planetary Magick is when you harness the power of the planets to give your spell extra power. Salvatore Santoro, a practicing witch and co-owner of occult apothecary The Crooked Path describes it as “working with the energies of the seven ancient planets to create change with your will.”

To make this easier, Popi Mavros, the other co-owner of The Crooked Path and Santoro’s wife, created the Planetary Magick app.

Sal Santoro and Popi Mavros of The Crooked Path in front of the shop

If you’ve performed witchcraft or magic before, you’ve done this to some extent as you’ve probably worked with the Moon. Though in astronomy the Moon is a satellite of Earth and not a planet, in magic, it’s considered a planet. This is because it’s one of the seven celestial bodies that those who first wrote this stuff down could see without a telescope. The same goes for the Sun.

The seven planets you can work with to support your intention are:

  • Mars
  • The Sun
  • Venus
  • Mercury
  • The Moon
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter

In the app, Santoro explains that “the ancients believed that each planet represented various activities and aspirations of everyday life.”

Zodiac Signs and the Symbols of Their Ruling Planets - Mars

How Do You Work With a Planet?

Each planet has different correspondences. The short version is that once you know what type of spell you want to do (or what type of intention you want to set), you’ll want to choose objects that connect to that planet. This is where different candle colors, incenses, oils, crystals, and other objects come into play.

As Santoro explains in the app, “Hermetic philosophy states that which is above is a reflection of that which is below….when you perform spell work, you are changing the view in the astral plane above so it can manifest below in the physical plane by using objects sympathetic to your needs and to the seven ancient planets.”

Once you know your spell and have your objects, ideally you will want to begin your spell on the day associated with the planet. And, within the hour associated with the planet.

What Days Are Associated with Which Planets?

  • Monday: The Moon
  • Tuesday: Mars
  • Wednesday: Mercury
  • Thursday: Jupiter
  • Friday: Venus
  • Saturday: Saturn
  • Sunday: The Sun

If you can’t wait until the day, at least start your spell during the planetary hour.

How Do I Find the Planetary Hour?

The easiest way to find the planetary hour is by using the Planetary Magick app. No, really.

I say this because the hour and length of the planetary hours change every day and you’re going to need to look it up. (If you want to learn more about this, check out the book Planetary Magick: The Heart of Western Magick.)

The planet that rules that day is given the first planetary hour. For example, Mars rules Tuesdays. But because the length of our days changes, so does the length of the time of each planetary hour.

On equinoxes, the the length of the planetary hours is the same for both day and night, while on solstices, it’s significantly longer for day or night. For instance, on the summer solstice, Litha, the daytime planetary hours are about an hour and 12 minutes, where the nighttime hours are about 48 minutes.

You can use the Internet to find the planetary hour.

Or, you can use an app dedicated to created by a witch that also includes guidance for nearly 100 spells, the best oils and herbs to use when working with the planet, and offering ideas. And, you can have it save your location so you can open the app and know the hour immediately.

You can also look up planetary hours in other locations and for future dates, which is great if you’re traveling and need to plan ahead.

Planetary Magick App

Because I can be stubborn AF, I used to just Google the hour. Then I downloaded the Planetary Magick app and was like, oh, this is much easier. Mavros created a very easy-to-use app that makes it makes it so simple to look up intentions and find the planet you want to work with and when that next planetary hour is.

You can download it and try it for free. The premium version is $7.99 for a year, which is pretty reasonable, considering. Here’s a link to the app for iPhones and the version for Android ones. Look for the icon below.

Planetary Magick App Icon Seven Rayed Star

Planetary Magick FAQ

I spoke with Santoro and Mavros about the app and also asked them some questions about spells and witchcraft that I felt might be helpful for you in your practice.

Santoro has been practicing witchcraft for more than 40 years and if you’re in Los Angeles, I highly recommend taking his witchcraft course. He is also a devout follower of Hekate and has a temple dedicated to her at The Crooked Path, which is open to visitation.

Is it more powerful to work with the planet in its hour, in its day?

Santoro: 100%. You’re using the planetary hour outside of the day if you need to get something done, but if you can wait till that day, then it’s going to be more ramped up in energy.

Does it makes sense to combine planets? (Not literally, of course.)

You stack them. A lot of times, [you can] connect Mercury to Jupiter because Mercury is going to be road opener, but Jupiter is going to be prosperity. So that would be perfect for some type of working for finances. And if you did it in the day of Mercury in the hour of Jupiter, now you’ve got a double whammy.

Does it matter if you use the planetary hour of the day or night?


Great. No need to stay up until 3am then. So, let’s say someone downloads your app and they want to do a spell to get them a new job. Can you walk me through what they should do?

Mavros: If they’re not familiar with which planet to work with, the first step would be to go to the intentions page. Once you click on intentions, you could literally type in new job and the only option it’ll give you is road opener. [Because you’ll want to] invoke the power of Mercury to create new opportunities.

This will take you to a page that has more of an explanation on what [Mercury’s] key planetary attributes are. The candle color, herbs, and oils associated with the planet. And, if you want to look further into it, you can look at all the Mercury associated attributes.

Right below that, it’ll give you three different spell working methods that you can choose to work with: candle magic, a spell bag, or a spell jar.

You can look at how to invoke or how to banish, and it tells you how to write a petition of intent, which is one of the things that we always talk about at the store.

Always write a petition of intent as if it’s happened in present tense versus like, “Oh, I wish I could get this job.” No. Write “I have this job.”

Below that, it’ll give you upcoming Mercury hours to light the candle in, and that kind of gives you the cheat sheet.

To be clear, when you talk about Mercury, you’re talking about working with the planet, not the god, right?

Santoro: No, they’re not working with the deity unless they choose to call in that deity. I don’t make a practice of using a deity to get my work done. I rely on myself for that. I don’t call Hekete when I need something. It’s like going to my mom for sugar. I don’t want to do that. The gods are not there for us to bother with our idiosyncratic reasons for needing things. [For that], we utilize the planetary attributes.

Are there any new features to the app coming soon?

Mavros: The new thing that’s going to be coming into this is the ability to do a sigil. Sigils are a visual representation of your intent. So you could put the sigil on top of a spell bag. You can draw it on a candle. You can print it out and have as a visual reference.