In a Tarot Reading, is the High Priestess a Yes or No?

Trust your self.

The High Priestess Yes or No

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The High Priestess is the third card of the Major Arcana and her tarot card represents intuition, mystery, and the great beyond. When she appears in a reading, it’s often an indicator that appearances can be deceiving and that true understanding requires introspection.

So, when it comes to whether the High Priestess is a yes or no in a tarot reading, the answer isn’t always as clear as it is with other cards.

The High Priestess sits between the contrasting black and white pillars of Boaz and Jachin, wearing the a horned diadem similar to both the symbol of the Triple Goddess and to the crowns worn by Egyptian goddesses.

She symbolizes duality and reminds us not just of the necessity of balance. but that there are multiple perspectives to consider in almost every situation.


High Priestess Upright Yes or No

The High Priestess is a yes card.

But, not in the same way that other tarot cards are. She’s a yes to trust your intuition.

When it comes to yes or no questions, when upright, the High Priestess guides you to find wisdom within yourself and embrace your inner compass. She isn’t there to tell you yes or no. She wants you to trust yourself and what your gut says when you get quiet and look inwards.

If all of your intuitive signals are screaming no, do not move forward. If you’re feeling like you’re gently being guided towards yes, then her answer is a yes.

Whether you’re asking a question about love, relationships, reconciliation, career, or another major aspect of your life, the upright High Priestess is a tentative yes. Simply take some time to do some reflecting and see if the yes sits well with you.


Is the High Priestess Reversed Yes or No

The reversed High Priestess is a no card.

She’s a no in her reversed position because you’re not connected to your intuition. Whether that’s because you’ve never tried to connect with your intuition or because you are finding yourself swayed by those around your or your own false beliefs, she’s warning you not to trust your gut as it might lead you astray.

When the High Priestess appears reversed, it’s a time to trust what is concrete and clear in your world, rather than rely on your inner guide. Or, take a pause and embrace the unknown for now, knowing that all will be revealed in time if you have patience.

She is also here to remind you to reestablish that sense of inner knowing so that you can tap into the messages the universe is trying to send you.

  Is the High Priestess Yes or No? (Upright and Reversed Meanings)