13 Signs You’re Dating a Witch

Or just count how many rocks they collect on your next hike.

Signs You're Dating a Witch

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The dating scene is full of all types of people, but as witchcraft continues to grow in popularity, you might wonder: Are you dating someone who is just really into crystals or are you dating a witch?

Some witches are open about their craft, but not all of them are. You’ll find some witches are religious and have a coven, some are secular and have a solitary practice. And some don’t practice at all, and only use their gifts every once in a while.

Witches and warlocks have gotten a bad rep at some points in history, but most often, if you’re dating a witch, you’ll just get the benefits of dating an intuitive, philosophical person who is in touch with nature. If you suspect you’re dating a witch, here are some signs.


Signs You’re Dating a Witch

1. They collect rocks.

Or any bits of random nature. Do you notice that they love going into the woods and always seem to come back from a hike with a pretty leaf or a stick or some cool new rock? Unless they are secretly a Labrador, they might be a witch. And, as Sarah Ellen says, “On the plus side, we’re incredibly easy to find presents for. Just go outside and pick up the first thing that makes you think of us. Found a flower? Present. Feather? Present. Cat? Present.



2. They have *a lot* of candles.

It might take them a little while until they’re comfortable with you coming to their house, but look around their place. Do they have candles? A lot of them? In various colors? Just sort of sitting around? Tall pillars could have held candles at one time but now serve as vases? Yup.

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3. They grow herbs.

Some witches are kitchen witches or cottage witches and their herb gardens are thriving. Some of us eclectic witches try to grow stuff, then get distracted. Or maybe that’s just me. But, if you’re dating a witch who has any sort of outdoor space, there’s a high chance they’re growing at least one herb or two for spells and offerings.

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4. You find crystals in weird places.

You just took their bra off and a crystal fell out? Weird. Or, maybe you’re trying to sleep and you found one under your pillow? When you first went to their house, you probably noticed a crystal or two. But, the more often you go to their home, the more you begin to realize they’re everywhere.

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5. Animals just seem to… appear.

Not every witch has a familiar, but if animals seem to suddenly appear whenever they are near, it’s possible you’re dating someone who has a deep connection with nature… and nature knows it.

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6. Your luck seems to have improved.

It depends on the relationship, but sometimes witches try and help out those who are near and dear to them. For instance, if they’re worried about you, it’s possible they cast a protection spell for you. Or, if they notice you’ve been struggling with prosperity, perhaps they lit an abundance candle to help bring more of what you desire into your life.

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7. They just know when the next full or new moon is.

If you nonchalantly mention that there’s a full moon soon, wait for your partner to offhandedly say something like, “yeah, it’s on Tuesday at 5pm.” Even if your dating a witch who isn’t Wiccan and observing the esbats or into astrology, they probably know the moon times.



8. They’re a little different.

Witches tend to be outliers. Though witchcraft has become more popular in the last few years, witches are often a little outside the norm. A witch can look like anything, so this doesn’t mean they’re goth or dress in all black or look “like a witch.” But there’s often something about them that’s a bit strange and unusual, whether that’s the way they dress, their hobbies, or the inquisitive way they look at the world.

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9. They’re open to talking about religion (and almost everything else).

This might be more of a personal thing that I’ve noticed, but I’ve found most witches are curious about things and can be pretty philosophical. They don’t mind talking about religion or spirituality with others, even when it comes to controversial topics like the devil. Though at first they might not disclose their own beliefs for fear of ridicule or scaring you off, once you earn their trust, they’re likely to open up to you about these as well.



10. They are very intuitive.

Many witches rely on their intuition to guide them through the world. This intuition is helpful when it comes to reading tarot cards and using other forms of divination. If you ask (and sometimes if you don’t), they’ll tell you if the energy off a place is off. They will also heed their intuition regarding more mundane things, like where to go for brunch or what outfit to wear. However, if they tell you their gut feeling is yelling a strong “no” (or “yes”), listen.



11. Unusual things happen when they’re around.

This can take the form of synchronicity or the supernatural. Or a mix of both. Witches believe they work with the energy of the universe, and to do that, they have to be tapped into the energies flowing around them. As you might imagine, not all of that is pleasant. If you ask, they’ll probably admit they’ve seen or felt ghosts or other entities more than once. Lights might flicker when they pass under them. Electronics might work in curious ways. It just tends to come with the territory.


12. They have an altar.

Religious witches may have an altar set up for the eight major sabbats (holidays), but some non-religious witches might as well for their spells and magical workings. Please, do not disturb this unless they ask you for help.



13. They tell you.

If your partner trusts you enough to tell you they’re a witch, consider yourself very lucky! This might not be something they’re open to sharing with everyone, so this means they think of you as part of their inner circle. Of course now this means you get to go on rock-collecting missions with them! I kid. (Sort of.)

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