Michaels Nevermore Collection Is Giving Dark Academia

The new collection is giving Halloween just in time for summer.

Michaels Nevermore Collection

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Last I checked, it was nowhere near Halloween. And, while Michaels and other craft stores are known for stocking supplies on the early side so you can decorate and craft in time for the holiday, it’s… April. A bit early for code orange. Still, Michaels Nevermore collection is spooky AF.

If you love Halloween year-round, the new Nevermore decor by Ashland can definitely help you transform your home to match your Dark Academia aesthetic. They also work for witchy gifts if you need one of those.

So, here are some of my favorite items from Michaels’ reportedly Edgar Allen Poe-inspired product line. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to write your gothic novel. Or bring out your inner Morticia.

The Coolest Items in Michaels Nevermore Collection

1. Arch Wall Accent

This wooden accent piece comes in 14.5″ and 17.” If you’re feeling super crafty, you could adhere it to the back of a chair and somehow create a throne. Or, get a bunch of them and turn your living room into a gothic cathedral. You’ve probably already got enough candles to help with that.
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gothic cathedral arch decor

2. Black Iron Birdcage

Cloches are so last season. This year, it’s all about iron birdcages to show off your prized possessions.
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black iron birdcage decor

3. There Is No Beauty Without Some Strangeness Sign

Accurate. Need we say more?
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Michaels Nevermore Decor Collection Wall Signage

4. In the End We All Become Stories Typewriter Sign

For that not subtle memento mori reminder.
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in the end we all become stories typewriter sign

5. Strange and Unusual Sign

Channel your inner Lydia. And your outer Lydia.
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I myself am strange and unusual sign lydia deetz

6. Gothic Floral Shelf

This dark cottagecore mini shelf is ideal for holding crystals, unlit candles, and tiny sculptures or other knicknacks. Probably too small for Uncle Knicknack though.
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Dark Cottagecore Floral Shelf

7. Be Nice or Leave Sign

You heard it. Pair it with this gold stand if you want it to place it on a tabletop.
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Be Nice or Leave Sign

8. Metal Moth

This pretty pink moth is just over 10″ wide, and feels very gothic romance meets dark cottagecore.
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metal moth decor

9. Oh My Goth Pillow

This plaid pillow feels a little on the nose. But, in case your friends missed the memo, just point to the pillow.
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oh my goth pillow

10. Heart Cloche

I know I just said cloches were out. This sacred heart-inspired bookshelf decor feels like it’s worth the exception.
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heart cloche

11. Being Normal is Overrated Wall Decor

This sign can help remind of you of this the next time you feel a sudden urge to shop at the Gap.
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being normal is overrated sign

12. Ornate Gothic Frame

Finding cool frames can be such a pain. Pick up a bunch of these ornate black frames so all those prints you buy can go up on the wall.

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black ornate gothic frame

13. Gothic Mirror

Immediately yes.

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dark academia desk setup

14. Bad Decisions Make Good Stories Typewriter

Well, that’s true.

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bad decisions make good stories typewriter decor

15. Woman Blowing Bubble Sculpture

I’m on the fence about this one. It feels a little like a fun pop art meets Dark Academia item but also like one that might just collect dust.

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woman blowing bubble sculpture

16. Black Butterfly Frame

On the other hand, this lovely metal frame covered in butterflies feels like a must have.

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bad decisions make good stories typewriter decor

17. Not a Morning Person Mug

As countless people have pointed out on TikTok, Michaels really missed the opportunity here by writing morning instead of “mourning.” (They also missed the opportunity to literally include a single raven in the entire Nevermore collection.)

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i'm not a morning person mug

18. Rosebud vase

This simple bud vase well look lovely on your altar if we do say so ourselves.

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black rosebud vase

19. Gold Snake Dish

No ravens? Fine we’ll settle for a serpent.

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gold snake dish

20. Vintage Teacups with Candles

Not actually vintage. Are actually filled with candles in scents of honey and vanilla.

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vintage teacup with candle