Introducing Our New Line of Witchy Apparel

We think you’ll love these.

Pagan Grimoire Witchy Apparel

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We’ve got a big announcement: The Pagan Grimoire is launching an apparel line!

We collaborated with an amazing apparel manufacturer to create a vegan-friendly line of witchy apparel featuring stars, moons, snakes, cats, and forest creatures. Whether your aesthetic is boho, dark cottagecore, or pastel goth, you’re sure to find something you like.

We’ll be releasing new designs regularly, but just in time for wedding season, we’ve even got some items for brides and brides-to-be.

So, prepare to immerse yourself in a realm where fashion meets the mystic and show off your witchyness in style. Take a look below at just some of the designs launching soon.


Our boots are vegan, run true-to-size, and are built to fit wider feet.

Goth Bride Boots with Flowers and Skeletons
Boho Snake Boots
Pastel Goth Galaxy Cat Boots
Sun and Moon Boots

Low-Top Sneakers

Love low-tops? These will go with any outfit. Dress them up or down, depending on what you’re doing for the day.

Sun and Moon Low Top Sneakers
Dark Cottagecore Forest Moth Low Top Sneakers
Neon Tentacle Low Top Sneakers
Pastel Goth Galaxy Cat Low Top Sneakers
Goth Bride Low Top Sneakers with Flowers and Skeletons

Hooded Blankets

This soft, faux-fur lined hooded blanket is perfect for cozying up in to read. Or, curl up under it and watch your favorite horror movie.

Dark Cottagecore Forest Moth Hooded Blanket
Boho Gold Snakes Hooded Blanket
Goth Bride Hooded Blanket with Flowers and Skeletons


Our sneakers are incredibly comfortable, vegan friendly, and feature designs that will fit right into your wardrobe.

Sun and Moon Sneakers
Pastel Goth Galaxy Cat Sneakers
Dark Cottagecore Forest Moth Sneakers


Whether you want to wear these to yoga class or to the grocery store, you’ll look great doing it.

Neon Tentacle Leggings
Pastel Goth Galaxy Cat Leggings
Sun Moon Leggings