Understanding the 12 Houses in Your Astrological Chart

Here’s an easy way to understand them.

Astrological Houses

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The 12 houses in astrology essentially represent 12 different areas, topics, or matters in your life. If your ruling planet describes “what,” and your zodiac sign describes “how,” your astrological house describes “where.”

When a planet is placed in a house, the house describes where in a person’s life that the planet’s impact is most active or expressed. As complicated as this may sound, it’s actually very simple, especially if you think of the houses as places planets visit.

Does Each Birth Chart Have All Astrological Houses?

Yes. Every birth chart has all 12 astrological houses. Although not every house in your chart will have a planet placed in it, yours still has all 12 houses.

When a house on your chart doesn’t have placements, astrologers call this an “empty house.” This is not positive or negative, but neutral. It just means there is less emphasis on this area of life for you, and one less planetary influence to consider when interpreting the house.

Some natal chart calculators only show a written list of a chart’s placements. If you’re a new student of astrology, I get how that can be confusing, as it looks like you don’t have 12 houses in your chart. But, you do.

However, an accurate, genuine astrological chart is often depicted as a round circle chart, where all 12 houses are calculated and displayed. You can run your birth chart for free here on Astrodientist or like the one below that I used Astro Charts to create.

Astrological Houses - Natal Chart Astrological Houses - Natal Chart

The 12 Astrological Houses

1. First House of Self

The first house relates to your individuality. This is who you are at a core-identity level and what your life path is. The first house is the foundation of a birth chart because it defines the person.

Although the first house sign will differ for everyone, it is naturally associated with Aries. Aries is the first zodiacal sign and represents independence and individuality, similar to the associations of the first house.

2. Second House of Resources

The second house relates to your resources, money, possessions, and self-worth. It combines both practical resources for thriving with emotional resources, like self esteem and whether you feel worthy of having your needs met.

The third house is most associated with Taurus, the zodiac sign that represents resources and perseverance.

3. Third House of Communication

The third house relates to your intellect, learning style, communication style, and siblings. It showcases how you like to express and communicate your feelings and outlook.

The third house is most associated with Gemini, the zodiac sign that represents open-mindedness and fluidity.

4. Fourth House of Home

The fourth house relates to your personal life, family, upbringing, and domestic life. It shows how you were raised and what feels like home to you.

The fourth house is most associated with the crab, the zodiac sign that represents nostalgia and is family-oriented.

5. Fifth House of Pleasure

The fifth house relates to what you like in terms of fun, pleasure, and creativity. If you’re curious how children show up in your life, this house oversees that too. The fifth house shows what you are attracted to and how you find enjoyment in life.

The fifth house is most associated with Leo, the zodiac sign that represents passion and self-expression.

6. Sixth House of Responsibility

The sixth house relates to your productivity, responsibilities, and the “daily grind.” It showcases how your approach your daily routines and habits.

The sixth house is most associated with Virgo, the astrological sign that represents service and duty.

7. Seventh House of Relationships

The seventh house relates to your connections, romantic partnerships, and what side of you comes out in relationships. This is how you are seen by others and how your approach interdependent connections.

The seventh house is most associated with Libra, the astrological sign that is most relationship-oriented and romantic.

8. Eighth House of Transformation

The eighth house relates to how you handles depth, intimacy, and being transformed by meaningful connections. The eighth house shows you how you approach situations where two start to become one where you merge with another via emotions or resources.

The eighth house is most associated with Scorpio, the astrological sign that represents soulfulness and intensity.

9. Ninth House of Philosophy

The ninth house relates to how you see the world, your moral compass, beliefs, religion, spirituality, and higher education.

The ninth house is how you show up when you’re out of their comfort zone, and taking in cultures, lifestyles, teachings, and mental stimulation that differs from your norm.

The ninth house is most associated with Sagittarius, the sign that represents travel and spontaneity.

10. Tenth House of Career

The tenth house relates to your public life, legacy, and career path. It also represents the role people see you playing in society.

The tenth house is most associated with Capricorn, the sign that represents dedication and discipline.

11. Eleventh House of Community

The eleventh house relates to your social circles, friendships, associations, social media, and networks. It shows up in how you relate to others about shared aims for the future, such as working the same job or holding similar humanitarian beliefs.

The eleventh house is most associated with Aquarius, the sign that represents forward thinking and societal betterment.

12 .Twelfth House of the Subconscious

The twelfth house relates to what you usually repress or hide from themselves, or what is stored in your subconscious mind. This is where you can discover your deeper inner workings and begin to work with your “shadow self.”

The twelfth house is most associated with Pisces, the sign that represents transcending earthly matters to melt boundaries for unity.


How to Understand the 12 Astrological Houses in Your Birth Chart